Stabilizing the Euro Area and the EU, Manifesto of Jean Monnet Chairs

16 December 2011

By gathering more than 80 key signatures already, the Jean Monnet Manifesto, initiated amongst others by HEC Paris Associate Professor at the Law department Alberto Alemanno, presents 10 proposals that aim to put an end to the crisis and to stabilize Europe and the Euro zone. With this manifesto, the undersigned holders of the Jean Monnet Chair express their confidence in the overall strength of the Euro zone, reminding us of its advantages and its potential.

The signatories of this manifesto plead for a reform of the Stability Pact with the integration of automatic sanctions, placing the reinforcement of budgetary and macro-economic surveillance at the heart of their proposals. At the same time, along with its demands for budgetary stabilization, this manifesto supports the euro bonds project and calls for the European Central Bank (ECB), as the main pillar of the euro zone, to play a bigger role within it.

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