Ten Countries in Six Months for a Global Benchmark in Entrepreneurship

3 April 2014

In August, four HEC Paris Master in Management – Grande école  students will embark on a six month world tour to try and understand the driving forces for entrepreneurship and expatriation, two major economic phenomena in recent years. On completion of their trip the students will release a public study aimed at students attracted by this double challenge.

Globe entrepreneurs - 10 pays en 6 mois pour un benchmark mondial de l'entrepreneuriat - HEC Paris 2014

Why are more and more young people starting their own businesses? Why set up a business abroad? Do entrepreneurial pathways in different countries have anything in common? Four HEC students have decided to use their gap year to lead a six month study across the world to answer these questions for their project "Globe Entrepreneurs."

This August, Nicolas Debonneuil, Thibault Dussueil, Matthieu Gaulard and Clément Rousselot will set off to meet both French and local entrepreneurs in order to explore the opportunities and risks of expatriate entrepreneurship and highlight the most promising areas and markets. They have prepared a first-draft of their itinerary which consists of ten destinations, taking them to the Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Mexico.

At the end of their trip, our globe trotters will produce a report comprised of profiles, interviews and advice cards with the aim being to inform and inspire other students, in particular those at Business or Engineering Schools.

Throughout their journey, they will be able to draw on the global HEC Graduate Network as well as the dispersion of French entrepreneurs.  With more than 250 000 dynamic business creators abroad, expatriation is a reality which concerns a growing number of individuals: predictions reveal that this figure could rise to a million by 2025.

For these four students, the objective for their Gap Year within the framework of the Master in Management curriculum is clear: they are taking to the road in order to better prepare their future. After various internships in consultancies, audit firms and a variety of banks, they are hoping to join the Major in Entrepreneurship for their final year of study.

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