The Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009 published by the World Economic Forum: Overview of the WEF study carried out by Bertrand Moingeon and Edouard Mathieu.

23 September 2009

The World Economic Forum has selected HEC for the fourth consecutive year to carry out its study in France focusing on the comparative strengths and weaknesses of national economies, used by governments, academics and business leaders.

Bertrand Moingeon, Professor of Strategic Management, Deputy Dean of HEC Paris, in Charge of Executive Education and Academic Development and Edouard Mathieu, HEC Executive Education Associate Researcher and economist for the DIACT (Délégation interministérielle à l'aménagement et à la compétitivité des territories), recently published a summary of the World Economic Forum's findings which have been released to the public. They also propose a more in-depth analysis of the European Union.

This year in the world listings Switzerland has surpassed the United States to gain top economic ranking. Although France maintains 16th place, this stability hides a slight drop in performance (however, this is not exclusive to French results and has equally occurred in other developed countries due to the current economic climate).

The variation between the scores of the top economies is very minimal. Although France is in 16th place, only half a point separates it from Switzerland, and the difference with the United Kingdom (ranked 13th) is only 0.1. France also exceeds the European Union in its entirety, which is ranked 26th worldwide.

It should be noted that France remains one of the world leaders for business schools. This year Switzerland has the honour of being at the top, but the scores given barely separate the two countries, and France, having been placed 3rd, is ahead of the United States. Thus, France truly remains at the top, despite initial appearances, and this is no better demonstrated than by the Financial Times world ranking for Executive Education, where HEC’s custom-made programme is ranked 2nd. The paper’s European rankings put the HEC Group at number one, leading 3 other French institutions in the top 10 and setting the standard for the third consecutive year.

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