The Private Equity Forum in Paris on March 3rd & 4th, 2011

2 March 2011

Private equity activity is increasingly being challenged by constantly evolving legislation and regulation in both the USA and Europe (AIFM, Solvency II, Basel II and ILPA). Within this context, knowledge of the factual data surrounding private equity is an acute necessity for opinion leaders. The financial crisis and its aftermath have resulted in an ongoing public debate on the benefits and weaknesses of private equity industry.

We believe there needs to be a dialogue between academics and private equity professionals. Two of the country’s best educational establishments started to collaborate some months ago to fill the gap. HEC Paris and Sciences Po are now working with the Europlace Institute of Finance in Paris (a European Centre for Research in Finance) with the support of AXA Private Equity.

The Private Equity Forum in Paris aims to facilitate such a dialogue and to encourage the scientific production of evidence around Private Equity through a call for action. The event aims to aggregate scientific studies and professional experience in a bid to go beyond the stereotypes and prejudices surrounding the industry.

After a call of papers (see the call for papers), 9 papers have been selected by the academic board of the Private Equity Forum in Paris, chaired by Professor Nicolas Coeurdacier from Sciences Po, Professor Oliver Gottschalg from HEC Paris and Professor Josh Lerner from Harvard Business School.

Venue: Amphithéâtre Leroy-Beaulieu-Sorel, Sciences Po - 27, rue Saint-Guillaume, 75007 Paris

Please register online (access to the forum is free of charge)

March 3rd 2011 - Click here to register

March 4th 2011- Click here to register

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