Thought Leaders in Customer Engagement and CRM Conference

2 July 2015

The focus of practice and research on customer engagement has increased dramatically over the past few decades. The large shift of many economies from products to services, the increasing use and importance of CRM systems and data in managing customer relationships, as well as the  continuing recognition by managers of the benefits of effective CRM programs, are significantly impacting firms’ customer engagement strategies. In light of this, HEC Paris, together with the Marketing Science Institute and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science  were happy to welcome researchers for the Thought Leaders in CRM Conference, which took place in Paris from 3-5 June, 2015.

Marketing Conf 2015 - Worm Sotgiu

Co-chaired by HEC Paris Professors Francesca Sotgiu and Stefan Worm, and University of Washington Professor Robert Palmatier, the conference  brought together international scholars in an animated exchange about research in Customer Engagement and CRM through applicable methodologies  such as empirical analysis, behavioral theory development and testing and meta-analysis.

Papers presented  include “How do online reviews affect consumers to “like” deal vouchers before consumption?” (Xitong Li, HEC Paris), “Do promotions engage or disengage customers?” (Lena Steinhoff, University of Paderborn), and “How operating a customer support community impacts firm level satisfaction (Peter Verhoef, University of Groningen).

Topics such as  brand loyalty as a driver of online and offline consumer engagements, and the competing roles of salesperson networks in CRM and customer advocacy, were also among the areas that were discussed.

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