USA 2020 - Using international politics to help drive a long-term business strategy

2 March 2016

The US 2016 election will mark an end to the Obama era and could potentially be a contest between two radically different visions of America for 2020. To help key decision-makers and senior executives  better understand the long-term dynamics shaping the business landscape in the United States and beyond, HEC Paris Executive Education has announced the launch of its USA 2020 program. The course will take place in Washington D.C over a one-week period that includes the day of the election, November 8th.

USA 2020 Program - US flag

“The topic of international affairs is widely present in the different curricula that HEC Paris delivers to today and tomorrow’s senior executives. Across all programs, the overarching philosophy remains unchanged: too often, executives are excessively impressed by geopolitical and long-term dynamics they feel they cannot influence nor predict.”, says Jeremy Ghez, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at HEC and Academic Director of the HEC Paris Center for Geopolitics.

Drawing on exchanges with a wide range of policymakers, analysts and academics, this program will offer a real-life, insightful and live case study for executives looking to hone their analytical skills as well as their ability to identify the long-term risks and opportunities for their business and company.

Program participants will be invited to think or re-think about where America stands politically and economically, both in a business, political and cultural sense. The program will also invite participants to think about how they can incorporate geopolitical considerations and long-term issues in their own strategy.

Topics covered over the one week program will include an overview of the campaign, of the candidates and of the key stakes of elections as well as discussions regarding the future of US economic and foreign policies after the Obama era. Participants will also get the chance to visit several institutions around Washington D.C, including key government buildings, think tanks and museums. 

Entries for the program are now open and applicants can visit the USA 2020 page

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