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[Book Release] Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing, co-authored by Marc Vanhuele

4 April 2013
Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing, Sage Editions, 2013

 Robert East, Malcolm Wright, and Marc Vanhuele, Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing, Sage Editions, 2013

Why is store loyalty different for men and women? Does a look alike damage the brand it mimics? Do your long-term customers recommend you more than others? How damaging is negative word of mouth? Should retailers use 9-ending prices? These are some of the fascinating questions you will explore in this book.

The text is written by respected marketing academics across the globe with a strong focus on the use of research to help higher-level students develop analytical and evidence-based thinking in marketing.

HEC Paris professor Marc Vanhuele and his two co-authors, Robert East from Kingston Business school, UK and Malcolm Wright from Massey University, New Zealand, successfully wrote a thought-provoking text that challenges readers to consider consumer behaviour in new and refreshing ways. The approach is distinctive. Readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, as well as appreciate the insights provided by scholarship in psychology, sociology and marketing science. The authors not only discuss complex, one-off decisions, but also help us to understand routine behaviours that occupy so much of daily life - buying brands, patronising stores, watching adverts, making recommendations.

New to this second edition:

  • Fully updated with contemporary, global examples and case studies to encourage an international readership
  • Further coverage of cross-cultural comparison, including a new chapter on Consumer Differences which also incorporates age and gender differences
  • Study features such as exercises, questions/answers, and a fully updated companion website with lecturer and student resources

This well structured and easily digested book is an essential reading for student, researcher, or manager in marketing.

Marc Vanhuele holds a PhD from UCLA and is associate professor of marketing at HEC Paris. He has taught in MBA, Master of Science, Executive and doctoral programs on the topics of market orientation, consumer behavior, pricing and communication. He also serves as consultant to consumer goods and market research companies. His research focuses on two different areas: how consumers deal with price information, and how a new use of marketing metrics can help managers to make better decisions.

Robert East is professor of consumer behavior in the marketing department of Kingston Business School, London and adjunct professor at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of the University of South Australia. He trained as a social psychologist. His research has mainly focused on word-of-mouth patterns, where his new evidence has shown that some widely held beliefs are mistaken.

Malcolm Wright is professor of marketing at Massey University, New Zealand, and adjunct professor at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of the University of South Australia. He applies empirical principles to marketing problems and has made interrelated discoveries about brand loyalty, the use of probability scales, new product forecasting and optimizing the advertising budget. He has also published many articles critically examining the foundations of popular marketing knowledge.

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