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HEC Paris-IFM-Tsinghua AMP in Fashion and Luxury” celebrated its 5th anniversary with the “Paris Experience” Week

17 May 2011

With “Paris Experience”, participants enjoy a unique experience with exceptional exposure to Frenchfashion and luxury, for a better understanding of the keys to success in haute couture fashion andluxury industry in France. In addition to courses and visits, this experience includes VIP encounterswith key players in the fashion industry in Paris, this year including Cartier, Chanel and Printemps.


The “Paris Experience” week ended with the official ceremony held on May 16, 2011 at the ParisChamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) Headquaters, Palais Potocky. Participants were awardedthe AMP Fashion and Luxury Certificates co‐signed by HEC Paris, IFM and Tsinghua SEM, in thepresence of representatives of the CCIP including Mr. Jean‐Paul Vermès, CCIP’s Vice‐president; ProfJean‐Paul Larçon, Associate Dean for international development at HEC Paris; Mrs Sylvie Ebel,Executive Director of IFM; Ms WU Xiaoyu, EDP Associate Director at Tsinghua SEM; andrepresentatives from French Fashion and Luxury enterprises such as Printemps CEO, Mr Paolo diCesare. The program received support from world industry leaders including Hermès, Gucci, l’Oréaland Devanlay‐Lacoste.

“巴黎体验”周于5月16日在巴黎商会总部“Palais Potocky”举行了闭幕仪式。巴黎HEC商学院、法国时尚学院、清华大学经管学院共同授予学员高级时尚管理项目证书。参加当晚庆祝活动的有巴黎商会副主席Jean‐Paul Vermès先生,巴黎HEC商学院国际发展副院长Jean‐Paul Larçon教授,法国时尚学院行政总监Sylvie Ebel女士,清华经管学院高级管理培训副总监吴晓宇女士,以及来自法国时尚界的企业代表,比如春天百货CEO Paolo di Cesare先生。这个项目收到了来自全球顶级企业的支持包括爱玛仕、古驰、欧莱雅、鳄鱼。

Delegates of the Paris Experience spoke on behalf of the 18 participants,Mrs ZHU Lingying, General Manager, Chengdu Power Dekor Wooden Product Co., Ltd, said “Duringthe last 30 years, China has introduced many reforms to satisfy the basic needs of the Chinese people.The coming 30 years will be dedicated to the pursuit of a better way of life and the pursuit of luxury.The future of China will be the future of luxury. This is the reason why China needs programs such asthe AMP."

“过去的30年,中国进行了多项改革,旨在满足国民的基本需求。未来30年,人们将注重追求更好的生活,追求奢侈品。中国的未来将是奢侈品的未来。这就是为什么中国需要这样的项目。”‐ 成都圣象木业有限公司总经理朱玲英女士。

M. LI Yong, CEO, Juangsu CEMNI Jewellery Corp. Ltd added “Everyone knows that France representsluxury with great brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermès... For us, the best way toapproach this vision of luxury is through two prestigious institutions: IFM and HEC Paris. Thanks tothis seminar, we will feel more confident working and utilizing this knowledge in China and intransforming our firms into luxury firms".

“众所周知,法国拥有奢侈品领域最好的品牌,比如香奈儿、迪奥、路易威登、爱玛仕……对我们来说,接触这一奢侈品世界的最佳途径就是通过两所享有盛誉的学校:法国时尚学院和巴黎HEC商学院。感谢这个项目,我们更有信心在中国做好我们的事业,令我们的企业成长为一家奢侈品企业。”— 江苏CEMNI珠宝有限公司CEO李勇先生。

The aim of the AMP in Fashion and Luxury is to provide opportunities for executives and managers inthe fashion and luxury sectors to develop the knowledge, international perspective and managerialskills required to enhance their company’s competitiveness, innovative capabilities and brandreputation. The program is based on an integrated view of successful business models in theindustry, the forces shaping competition, technological and sociological changes, and opportunitiesfor international collaboration.


More than 250 international and Chinese managers have received the “AMP in Fashion and LuxuryCertificates” from Tsinghua SEM, IFM and HEC Paris since its launch in 2006: Among others, Mrs.Laurence MA, Lancôme Brand General Manager, L’Oréal ‐ Luxury Products Division, Shanghai; Ms.GAO Luying Editor in Chief, SOHU Women Channal, Beijin and Mr. Dongsheng XU General Manager,FIYTA, Shenzhen.

自2006年开办至今,共计250名学员被授予了巴黎HEC商学院、法国时尚学院、清华大学经管学院颁发的高级时尚管理项目证书,包括欧莱雅奢侈品上海分公司兰蔻品牌总经理LaurenceMA, 搜狐女性频道主编高女士,深圳飞亚达总经理许东升先生等。

The 6th edition of the AMP in Fashion and Luxury will run from September 2011 to March 2012.More Information for applications is available


• 清华经管学院,北京 in Beijing, at Tsinghua SEM,联系人:王琳女士Contact: Ms Crystal WANG, Tel: +86‐10‐62796479Email:

• 巴黎商会,巴黎 in Paris, at the CCIP, Mrs Anais Ravet, Tel+33 1 49 54 28 93Email:

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