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HEC Speaks Out With New Communications Campaign

18 November 2013
HEC Speaks Out With New Communications Campaign - © HEC Paris 2013

It is becoming more important than ever for big, international education institutions to stand out with a strong identity, which must reflect the school’s values and meet the expectations of candidates, recruiters and the general public.

To make its voice heard in the world of international Business Schools, HEC Paris is now launching a new communications campaign in France and abroad.

At the heart of this new communications campaign, created by BETC Paris, is a strong belief that the businesses of tomorrow will be different from those of today. They will be key players in social progress, run by leaders who understand the changes in society and know how to initiate and fundamentally transform their business models.

To this aim, students at HEC Paris learn to place social responsibility at the heart of business performance, to develop new forms of leadership and to encourage creativity and outspokenness.

This vision is reflected in HEC’s new campaign signature: “Tomorrow is our business”, which reaffirms that business is HEC’s main concern and that the school resolutely looks to the future to train managers who will understand our changing world and be capable  of inventing  the business models of tomorrow.

The communication campaign will be two-fold, one addressing issues specific to France and one addressing issues abroad.In France, HEC is one of the most admired schools but it is also criticized for being elitist. The campaign aims to highlight the school’s focus on social responsibility, ethics and sustainable development. With the prints, BETC chose to put a touch of impertinence on common prejudices: “Women in Leadership. Another way to change the world.”, “Ecologists, build Factories.”, “Dreaming of companies with a difference? Make them happen.”… Mind-provoking lines that undermine preconceived ideas. The design of the prints is signed Malika Favre, whose minimalist and colorful style illustrates the ideas in a graphic and compelling way.

The international campaign aims to establish HEC’s reputation with candidates and recruiters abroad. Seven top business leaders, all HEC graduates, have agreed to lend their image to a portrait campaign: Jean-Paul Agon (L’Oréal), Henri de Castries (Axa) , Mercedes Erra (Havas Worldwide) , Hubert Joly (Best Buy), François-Henri Pinault (Kering) , Aline Sylla-Walbaum (Christie's France) and Wayne Wang (CDP Group Ltd). Each one has given his or her vision of tomorrow's business in a few words, showing their alignment with HEC on essential issues such as diversity, social responsibility, community, environment, and promoting talents. The portraits are signed Stéphane Manel, talented illustrator and portraitist.

After an initial appearance in the Financial Times’ Global Ranking of Masters programs issue, the campaign will be rolled out in print and online in the French and international business press (Le Figaro, L'Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, etc...).

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