HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize 2016

December 2016

Anne Jacqueminet (HEC PhD 2015), Assistant Professor at Bocconi University, was awarded the 2016 HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize.

Her thesis “Heterogeneous implementation of CSR in an MNE: the role of subsidiaries’ institutional contexts and behaviors ,” was written under the supervision of Rodolphe Durand (Professor of Strategy and Business Policy, HEC Paris).

Anne’s dissertation investigates the reasons why, within a multinational enterprise (MNE), subsidiaries do not all implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the same way and to the same extent. Given CSR is typically a corporate mandate, one might expect to observe consistent practices throughout an organization, and a good understanding at the corporate level of what subsidiaries concretely do. However, Anne’s previous experience as a consultant in sustainability suggested otherwise. Her dissertation unpacked heterogeneous implementation by examining the impact of the diverse local contexts in which subsidiaries were embedded, the role of the demands emanating from the headquarters and the influence of other subsidiaries of the parent MNE. She also identified the different ways in which the subsidiaries perceived practices and allocated their attention to the diverse CSR demands.  

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