HEC Paris PhD - The Impact Series (2)

March 2017

Graduates of the HEC Paris PhD Program make an Impact.

In the second installment of the HEC Paris PhD Impact Series, we recognize the recent research contributions of four of our recent graduates: Olivier Dessaint (HEC Paris PhD 2014, Finance), Fabrice Lumineau(HEC Paris PhD 2009, Strategy),Julien Jourdan (HEC Paris PhD 2011, Strategy), Jean Noël Barrot (HEC Paris PhD 2013, Finance).

We wish them continued success in their interesting research projects.

...many more to come!


Olivier Dessaint and Adrien Matray. Do managers overreact to salient risks? Evidence from hurricane strikes; Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

Olivier Dessaint and A. Golubov and P. Volpin. Employment protection and takeovers;Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

Olivier Dessaint and François Derrien. The effects of investment banks rankings: evidence from M&A league tables; Review of Finance, forthcoming

Bertrand O. & Lumineau F. 2016. “Partners in Crime: The Effects of Diversity on the Longevity of Cartels.” Academy of Management Journal, 59(3): 1-26.

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Lumineau F. 2016. “How Contracts Influence Trust and Distrust.” Journal of Management. Forthcoming.

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