HEC Paris PhD - The Impact Series (3)

March 2017

Graduates of the HEC Paris PhD Program make an Impact.

In the third installment of the HEC Paris PhD Impact Series , we continue to recognize the recent research contributions of several of our recent graduates: Marco Clemente (HEC Paris PhD 2013, Strategy), Pier Vittorio Mannucci (HEC Paris PhD 2016, Organizational Behavior and Theory), Olivier Wurtz (HEC Paris PhD 2012, Organizational Behavior and Theory), Ilze Kivleniece (HEC Paris PhD 2013, Strategy), and Boris Vallée (HEC Paris PhD 2014, Finance).

We wish them continued success in their interesting research projects.

...many more to come!


Clemente, M., & Gabbioneta, C. Forthcoming. “How do Media Frame Corporate Scandals? The Case of German Newspapers and the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal” .Journal of Management Inquiry.

Rowell, C., Gustafsson, R., & Clemente, M. Forthcoming. “How Institutions Matter ‘in Time’: The Temporal Structures of Practices and their Effects on Practice Reproduction” . Research in the Sociology of Organizations.

Clemente, M., Durand, R., & Porac, J. F. 2016. Organizational wrongdoing and media bias. In D. Palmer, R. Greenwood, & K. Smith-Crowe (Eds.), Organizational Wrongdoing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Roulet, T. & Clemente, M. Forthcoming. "Let’s Open the Media’s Black Box: The Media as a Set of Heterogeneous Actors and not only as a Homogeneous Ensemble",  Academy of Management Review.

Mannucci, P.V. and colleagues. Forthcoming. From creativity to innovation: The social networks drivers of the four phases of the idea journey. Academy of Management Review.

Mannucci, P.V. Forthcoming. Drawing Snow White and animating Buzz Light year: The collective combination of technological tools and team creativity. Organization Science.

Vallée, Boris, and Perignon C. Forthcoming. The Political Economy of Financial Innovation: Evidence from Local Governments." Review of Financial Studies.

Célérier, Claire, and Boris Vallée. Forthcoming. Catering to Investors through Security Design: Headline Rate and Complexity. Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Wurtz, O. and colleagues. 2016. Work-and family-role adjustment of different types of global professionals: Scale development and validation. Journal of International Business Studies.

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