PhD Dissertations

Charlotte KRYCHOWSKI, Strategy and Business Policy, 2007

The benefits and limits of real options to strategic decision making: An applied study in the telecommunications industry

Advisor(s): Bertrand QUÉLIN

Real options has been identified by academics as a promising capital budgeting tool. Yet, its use by firms appears to be limited. The implementation of the option theory, especially the valuation, raises serious difficulties.Our research question is as follows: How can real options play a role in strategic decision making ? To answer it, we have conducted three real case studies in the telecommunications industry. We test an alternative valuation method based on Monte Carlo simulations (MCS).We find that MCS enable the evaluation of the option in an intuitive way, while taking into account the complexity of a real investment project. Our research identifies three roles of real options in investment decisions: a valuation role, a communication role and a role of preparing future decisions.

Louis MULOTTE, Strategy and Business Policy, 2007

Mode developpement de nouveaux produits et performance de la firme : une étude empirique dans le secteur de la construction aéronautique 1945-2000

Advisor(s): Pierre DUSSAUGE

The objective of this research is to examine whether the organisational forms used by firms influencetheir capacity to grow and thrive sustainably in a given business domain. In particular, we investigate ifintroducing new products through internal developments, alliances or license purchases influences the capacity of firms to obtain the resources and competences necessary to establish a strong competitive position in a given market. Drawing on the Resource-based View (Penrose, 1959), the Evolutionary Theory (Nelson and Winter, 1982) and the Dynamic Capabilities Approach (Teece, Pisano and Shuen, 1997), we formulate several sets ofhypotheses on the determinants of New Product Introduction (NPI) modes and on the consequences of these expansion modes chosen by firms on their competitive position.By examining 437 new aircraft programs that have been introduced since 1944, we verify that the NPImodes chosen by firms have a significant and sustainable influence on their capacity to obtain the resources and competences necessary to establish a strong competitive position in the concerned business domain. Developing new products internally seems to be the most effective way to grow and thrive sustainably. Nevertheless, unlike license purchases, alliances may enable firms to sustainably compete with firms which did not need to resort on external contributions. It is then necessary to manage to develop new products on a stand alone basis the earliest possible, which can only be done at a certain cost and under specific conditions.


Le rôle des administrateurs indépendants dans les sociétés cotées de type managérial

Advisor(s): Yvon PESQUEUX

Emilie Genin, 2007

La porosité des temps chez les cadres - proposition d'un modèle d'interactions entre temps personnel et temps professionnel

Advisor(s): Jacqueline LAUFER

Rodica MICU, Strategy and Business Policy, 2007

La contribution des dirigeants à l’acquisition et à la préservation d’un avantage concurrentiel : une recherche fondée sur le concept d’action collective

Advisor(s): Roland REITTER

Maral MURATBEKOVA, Management and Human Resources, 2007

Introduction d’un modèle de leadership fondé sur les compétences au sein d’une entreprise. Le cas du Groupe Lafarge

Advisor(s): Charles-Henri BESSEYRE DES HORTS

Jean-Michel MOUTOT, Marketing, 2007

Automatisation des processus commerciaux : antécédents et conséquences organisationnels de l’adhésion des forces de vente

Advisor(s): Dominique ROUZIES

Yu Chen, 2006

Accès et possession : deux modalités d'expérience de consommation - le cas des visiteurs d'exposition et des collectionneurs d'oeuvres d'art contemporain

Advisor(s): Yves EVRARD