HEC Foundation

Fondation certificats

Created in 1972 by the Alumni Association, the HEC Foundation’s mission is to support the ambitions of HEC Paris, through the funding of scholarships for advanced research, innovative teaching tools and programs to support the internationalization of the School.
The HEC Foundation also provides generous funding to stimulate top-level academic research at HEC Paris. It offers ample research grants to professors and other researchers at HEC Paris. Many of these research fundings offered in annual or multiyear grants benefit HEC Paris' PhD students who collaborate in the funded projects.

Supported by individual Alumni and over 40 corporate partners, the HEC Foundation is the main source of funding for Ph.D. students:

  • A cost-of-living scholarship of 20,000€ per year, guaranteed for 4 years
  • A full tuition waiver from year 1 to year 4
  • Research and teaching assistantship opportunities. Our Faculty members enjoy generous research funding provided by the HEC Foundation, the Qatar Foundation, or the French
  • Government, of which a considerable part benefits Ph.D. students.
  • Fifth year scholarships
  • Funding for research visits in top business schools
  • Travel funding for research conference presentations of papers accepted and presented under the name of HEC
  • The annual “HEC Foundation Awards Ceremony” awards HEC Paris students for the academic rigor of their analyses and for the pertinence of their work for the business world.

Recent “Doctoral Thesis Prize” winners:

2017: Cedric Gutierrez Moreno, Ph.D., Strategy and Management
2016: Anne Jacqueminet, Ph.D., Strategy and Management
2015: Boris Vallée, Ph.D., Finance
2014: Jérôme Dugast, Ph.D., Finance
2013: Ilze Kivleniece, Ph.D., Strategy and Management
2012: Julien Jourdan, Ph.D., Strategy and Management