Award-Winning Doctoral Research

Our students participate in international academic conferences. We are proud of their success in representing the scope and strengths of doctoral research at HEC Paris.

A selection of prizes recently won by HEC Ph.D. students and alumni over the past 4 years:

Julia Vincent-Ponroy, PhD 2016, Organizations & Human Resources: "Family Firms’ organizational identity and non-family employees, a case study"

  • Best Thesis Prize, FNEGE/ AGRH 2017

Anne Jacqueminet Servantie , PhD 2016, Strategy & Management: "Heterogeneous implementation of CSR in an MNE"

  • Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Award 2016
  • HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize 2016 

Vincent Meyer , PhD 2017 (expected), Organizations & Human Resources: "Performance Management"

  • AOM - Best Qualitative Paper in International Business, IM Division Gustavson School of Business, 2016

Cédric Gutierrez Moreno, PhD 2017 (expected) , Strategy & Management: "Three essays on entrepreneurial decision making"

  • AOM Best Empirical Paper Award, Entrepreneurship Division 2016

Sébastien Stenger, PhD 2015, Organizations & Human Resources: "Why work in a Big Four audit firm? Functions of the « up or out» system: control, competition and social prestige

  • Best Thesis Prize, Le Monde de la Recherche Universitaire 2016

Aleksey Korniychuk, PhD 2017 (expected) , Strategy & Management: "Essays in Behavioral Strategy"

  • Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation (“CCC”) Conference for Doctoral Student Research 2016

Eui Ju Jeon, PhD 2017 (expected), Strategy & Management

  • SMS Strategy Research Foundation Grant 2015

Thomas Bourveau, PhD 2015, Accounting & Management Control: "Essays on Empirical Financial Accounting"

  • Best Paper Award at the MIT Asia Conference 2015

Wendy Bradley, PhD 2017 (expected), Strategy & Management

  • Future Global Leaders Scholarship Award 2014

Joao Albino-Pimentel, PhD 2016, Strategy & Management: "Three Essays on the Influence of Political Connections on Firms International Expansion Strategy"

  • SMS Strategic Research Foundation Grant 2014
  • Best doctoral proposal award at the European International Business Academy conference in Bremen 2013

Shiva Taghavi, PhD 2015, Human Resources & Organization: "When Your Culture Advocates You: The Effect of Cultural Work Values on Performance"

  • AOM - MSR Most Promising Dissertation Award 2014 (finalist)

Luis-Emilio Cuenca Botey, PhD 2015, Accounting & Management Control,

  •  APIRA Broadbent & Laughling Emerging Scholar Award 2014

Laure Celerier, PhD 2016, Accounting & Management Control

  • APIRA Broadbent & Laughling Emerging Scholar Award 2014

Panikos Georgallis, PhD 2014, Strategy & Management: "From opposition to support: The influence of social movement organizations on firm strategy"

  • AoM ONE Division Best Dissertation Award (finalist) 2015
  • Best Conceptual Paper Award, ENT Division, Academy of Management Meeting 2015
  • Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management Meeting 2015
  • Society for Business Ethics Best Dissertation Award (finalist) 2015
  • Industry Studies Association Best Dissertation Award (finalist) 2015
  • Best Paper Award Finalist, Sustainability, Ethics & Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference 2015
  • SEE Conference Travel Grant, Kauffman Foundation 2015

Lionel Paolella, PhD 2014, Strategy & Management: "Law and (Re)Order : Impact of Category-Stretching Strategies on Firms’ Performance and Evaluation. The Case of the Corporate Legal Services Market (2000-2010)"

  • Wiley Blackwell 2014 Award for Outstanding Dissertation Research in Business Policy and Strategy (finalist)
  • SMS Best Conference Paper Prize, 2016

 Delphine Gibassier, PhD 2014, Accounting & Management Control: "Environmental Management Accounting Development : Institutionalization, Adoption and Practice"

  • Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award 2014

 Boris Vallée, PhD 2014, Finance: "Three Essays on Financial Innovation"

  • ESRB Best Paper Prize 2015
  • HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize, 2015 
  • AFSE Prize for the Best Thesis in Economics in France 2015
  • AFFI-Eurofidai Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Financial Markets 2014
  • Top Finance Graduate Award 2014, Copenhagen Business School (awarded to the four best Finance PhD graduates in the world)
  • Finalist for the Stuart I. Greenbaum Best Finance PhD Award 2013

 Mahyar Eftekhar , PhD 2013, Operations Management: "Fleet Management in the Humanitarian Sector"

  • Decision Science Institute Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award 2014

 Martin Goossen, PhD 2014, Strategy & Management: "Intraorganizational Networks, Interorganizational Collaboration and Firm Innovation"

  • Druid Society Best Young Scholar Paper Award 2013

 Navid Bazzazian, PhD 2014, Strategy & Management (NBER Fellowship): "Essays in Employee Entrepreneurship"

  • AOM Best Student Paper Award (Entrepreneurship Division) 2012

Tiphaine Jérôme, PhD 2013, Accounting & Management Control: "Strategie(s) of voluntary disclosure of greenhouse gas information:The case of the Carbon Disclosure Project"

  • AFC-FNEGE Best Thesis Award 2014 

Jérôme Dugast, PhD 2013, Finance: "Essays in Financial Market Microstructure"

  • HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize, 2014 
  • AFFI EUROFIDAI Award 2013
  • SAC Capital PhD Candidate Award for Outstanding Research 2013
  • Morgan Stanley Prize for Excellence in Financial Markets (first runner-up) 2011 

Thomas Roulet, PhD 2013, Strategy & Management: "Antecedents & Outcomes Organizational Illegitimacy"

  • AIMS Roland Calori Best Young Scholar Award 2014
  • EGOS Grigor McClelland Best Dissertation Award 2014 (finalist) 

Marie Laclau, PhD 2012, Decision Sciences: “Repeated Games on Networks and Communication”

  • Best Thesis Award, French Economic Association (AFSE) 2013 

Jean-Noël Barrot, PhD 2012, Finance: “Essays in Empirical Financial Economics”

  • Top Finance Graduate Award 2013, Copenhagen Business School (awarded to the four best Finance PhD graduates in the world)
  • PhD Coller Prize in Private Equity 2012, London Business School 

Ilze Kivleniece, PhD 2012, Strategy & Management: “Public-Private Ties: Three Essays on Public-Private Boundary Choices, Governance Tradeoffs and Value Implications”

  • SMS Strategic Research Foundation Grant 2012
  • HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize, 2013 
  • SMS Best Conference Paper Prize, 2016

Julien Jourdan, PhD 2011, Strategy & Management: “Logic Duality, Conformity, and Survival in the French Film Industry, 1987/2008”

  • EGOS Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award 2012
  • AOM Best International Dissertation Award 2012
  • HEC Foundation Doctoral Thesis Prize, 2012 
  • Industry Study Association Dissertation Award 2012