Chiara Bottausci holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Management at Bocconi University, and was Visiting PhD Research Scholar at the Copenhagen Business School in 2017. Her research examines management accounting as a social and organizational practice, with a particular focus on understanding the socio-material arrangements that constitute Performance Measurement Systems. 

Her PhD thesis explores how Performance Measurement Systems are made to perform, and the way in which they contribute to the operation and transformation of markets and market actors. At the core of her thesis work, there is a concern with the field-level construction of accounting systems and the intra- and extra-organizational influences that act upon the shape, rationales, and imaginaries of organizational accounting technologies. Chiara’s research interests also include the role of accounting devices in infrastructuring markets, the accounting literature informed by Science and Technology Studies, and the relations between accounting, morality and markets. In conducting her research, she relies on the use of qualitative methods, with a combination of interviews, documentary analysis and participant observation. 

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