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HEC Paris is convinced that global warming must be kept below 2 degrees Celsius, and that businesses have a major role to play in achieving this goal. It therefore rallied the entire HEC Paris community together - students, professors, administrative staff, alumni, the foundation, companies and other partner organizations - to create an event that marks a turning point in HEC’s commitment to this issue: Climate is our business.

The event – co-organized by HEC Paris, it’s SnO Centre and HEC Alumni – took place on October 1st 2015.


Our partners are pleased to share the videos, reports of the workshops and related articles of this stimulating event.

Hervé le Treut à HEC October 1 2015

The 2° Challenge, Climate is our Business”, organized by HEC Paris community in anticipation of the COP21 event in Paris, was opened by Hervé Le Treut, member of the Scientific Committee of The Shift Project, climatologist and IPCC member

=> Watch the video

Climate is our Business - workshop sustainable cities

The workshops gave participants the opportunity to examine specific topics such as the impact of mass consumption, energy transition, and the carbon market—with the goal of bringing forth concrete solutions.

=> knowledge@hec  published the workshop reports written by the students fo the Major/MSc in Sustainability & Social Innovation, very engaged in the event:

More to come on two other workshops.

Climate is our Business - table ronde du soir

In the evening, prestigious speakers presented their vision on the future of business in a world subjected to the constraint of 2°C warming.

=> HEC Alumni magazine  articles bring us back to October 1:

More videos:

Replay the whole day: Climate is our business on October 1 

The SnO professors' commitment

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