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28 June 2012

1st European Theory Development Workshop at Grenoble School of Management

  • When: 28/06/2012 - 29/06/2012
  • Where: Grenoble

Grenoble School of Management in collaboration with HEC Paris SnO center, Sciences Po and CSO organized the 1st ETDW on OMT in Grenoble.


Thursday June 28th, 2012

Keynote Address Joep Cornelissen (VU Amsterdam): Connect and Contrast: Problem Solving, Thought Experiments and the Development of Organization Theory 

Framing the Adoption of a Controversial Practice: Decision Frames, Source Credibility, and Stock Market Reaction by Eunice Y. Rhee & Peer C. Fiss  (USC, Marshall School of Business) – Discussant: Brooke Harrington 
Institutional Reflexivity: The Role of the Individual in Institutional Work BY Roy Suddaby (Alberta School of Business) ), Thierry Viale & Yves Gendron – Discussant: Damon Golsorkhi
Inter-Organizational Strategizing as Extension of Sensemaking Capacities BY Felix Werle & David Seidl – Discussant: Dalvir Samra Fredericks
From God to Markets. An analysis of the meaning work of boundary actors during the “mainstreaming” of socially responsible investment By Afshin Mehrpouya (HEC Paris)- Discussant:Thibault Daudigeos
The Organization of Institutional Work Across Time and Space: Building Capabilities for Cooperative Banking By Luciano Barin-Cruz, Jean-Pascal Gond & Bernard Leca- Discussant:Jeroen Struben
The “Diversity Premium” Value Distribution and Economic Value in Workgroups By Brooke Harrington- Discussant: Shaz Ansari
Keynote Address Frank den Hond: CCC Urgent Appeal System and Outcome for Garment Workers

Friday June 29th, 2012

Parallel Sessions (3 streams of 2 papers)
Session I: From Capabilities to Knowledge (Chairs: Joep Cornelissen, Peer Fiss & David Seidl)
Session II: The Downfalls of Capitalism (Chairs: Frank den Hond, Roy Suddaby & Hugh Willmott)
Session III: The Reality of Fictions and the Fiction of Realities (Chairs: Rick Delbridge, Bernard Leca & Carlos Ramirez)
Parallel Sessions & discussion (3 streams of 1 paper)
Session I: Multidimensional Perspective on Market Formation (Chairs: Shaz Ansari, Rodolphe Durand & Peer Fiss) 
Session II: How to Study “Invisible Work”? (Chairs: Joep Corneliseen, David Seidl & Roy Suddaby)
Session III: The Aim of Political Connections and Social Issues of Firms (Chairs: Rick Delbridge, Kamal Munir & Hugh Willmott)
Parallel Sessions (3 streams of 2 papers)
Session I: From Values to Business: Entrepreneurs “of” (Chairs: Rick Delbridge, Rodolphe Durand & David Seidl) 
Session II: How Institutions Operates “in” and “around” Organizations? (Chairs: Joep Cornelissen, Bernard Leca & Roy Suddaby)
Session III: The power – Resistance continuum (Chairs: Peer Fiss, Frank den Hond & Dalvir Samra-Fredericks)
Parallel Sessions (3 streams of 1 paper)
Session I: Aesthetic perspective on group dynamics (Chairs: Joep Cornelissen, Rodolphe Durand & Roy Suddaby) 
Session II: Can We Relate Social and Financial Performance? (Chairs: Peer Fiss, Frank den Hond & Hugh Willmott)
Session III: From “Community to Community” in Organizing Innovation (Chairs: Shaz Ansari, Rick Delbridge & Piera Morlacchi)

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