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11 March 2016

5th annual HEC Paris Energy Day

  • When: 11/03/2016
  • Where: HEC campus in jouy-en-Josas


Energy Day 2016 - poster

The theme of the 5th annual HEC Paris Energy Day conference is the increasing interest from “non-energy” companies in the energy sector and what this will mean for the future of the sector.

The rise in investments in renewable and alternative energy systems from companies that were traditionally thought of as non-energy players, combined with the advancements in technology that have made renewable energy solutions more affordable and appealing, will change both consumption and production patterns.

This will lead to the emergence of new services, new players, and new business models and they will bring with them a large array of opportunities.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jean Michel Gauthier, Chief Economic Officer for Energy, Deloitte
  • Olivier Menuet, VP Energy, SNCF
  • Mark Akehurst, Program Director, Innovation Marketing New Business, ENGIE
  • Thierry Le Boucher, Director renewable energy, energy management and networks, EDF
  • Francois Sterin, Director Global infrastructure, Google
  • Swaroop Srinath, Energy Sourcing, Power management, Lafarge
  • Benjamin Court, Senior Advisor EMEA, Global CCS institute
  • Antoine Guillou, Policy Officer for grid and infrastructures, CRE
  • Nicolas Bardi, founder Sylfen
  • Guiseppe Artizzu, Global Energy Strategy Director, Electro Power System
  • Fernando Fernández de Córdoba, Founder Enerbuild
  • Pierre Cannet, Head Climate, Energy and Infrastructure, WWF

Planning (as of February 25th )

=> 12h Sandwich buffet

=> 13h Plenary session – welcome speeches

=> 14h Workshops

  • Innovation: What do we mean when we talk about innovation in the energy sector, with the sector in full transformation? Will we be able to reach a "democratization" of energy production with existing technologies and services? If not, what more is needed? What are the barriers?
  • Financing: How will new entrants and traditional players work together to fund this change? Modernization and innovation in terms of funding: how to finance new technologies and new projects? Role of the banks, the public sector and other key stakeholders?
  • Strategies and business models: Necessary adaptations for the traditional players? Strategies of today's large consumers? What will be the modes of collaboration between new and old players? How will the relationship between consumers and producers change?

=> 16h Coffee break

=> 16h30 Recap on what was said during the workshops

=> 17h Plenary session – panel of keynote speakers on “Transformation of the energy sector - global trends and challenges”

=> 18h30 Conclusions – closing speech

Energy Club HEC - logo

The event is co-organized by the HEC Paris MBA Energy Club

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