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18 June 2018

Contested Markets: Lessons from Cannabis Legalization

The 2-day event on Contested Markets: Lessons form cannabis legalization will take place on HEC campus on June 18-19 2018.

The conference is organized by Daniel Martinez, and Dane Pflueger, both HEC Paris professors in Accounting and Management Control

Please find the programme below and the link to the call for paper with references HERE

For further information please contact

  • Dane Pflueger:
  • Daniel Martinez: martinez@hec.



13:00 -13:30 Introduction

13:30 -15:00 Session 1

Deserving Cannabis Entrepreneurs: How the State and Workers Define Who Gets to Be Legal , Michele Cadigan and Alexes Harris (University of Washington)

In between recreational and medical cannabis supply models: the Cannabis Club as a potential buffer against market distortions?, Davide Fortin (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)

15:30 -17:00 Session 2

Cannabis Market Creation: Risk, Value and Virtue in the Audit Society , Tommaso Palermo (London School of Economics & Political Science), Daniel Martinez and Dane Pflueger (HEC Paris)

Prohibition, Legalization, and Political Consumerism: Insights from the US and Canadian Cannabis Markets , Elizabeth A. Bennett (Lewis & Clark College)

17:00 -18:00

Day 1 Keynote Bodies, Babies, Eggs, and Sperm: Lessons across Contested Markets , Michel Anteby (Boston University Questrom School of Business)


09:30 -11:00 Session 3

From the Black-Market to theGray-Market: Accounting’s Role in the Budding Cannabis Industry , Andrea M. Romi, Heather Carrasco, Casey A. Camors and John J. Masselli (Texas Tech University)

From contestation to competition? The case of the Access to Medicine Index , Afshin Mehrpouya (HEC Paris)

11:00 -12:30 Session 4

Legal tools for preventing access to foreign contested markets: the case of surrogacy , Matteo Winkler (HEC Paris)

Distinction through Deviance: Making Money on the Margins in Cannabis Markets , Cyrus Dioun (University of California Berkeley)

13 :45 -15:15 Session 5

Becoming a Cannabis Connoisseur: Moralizing Labor in Contested Markets , Michele Cadigan (University of Washington)

What else is it: Seed to sale accounting and the disclosure of a new industry (substitute for withdrawnpaper) , Dane Pflueger and Daniel Martinez (HEC Paris), Tommaso Palermo (London School of Economics & Political Science)


Day 2 Keynote with John Hudak (Brookings Institution)


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