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13 September 2016

September SnO Monthly Meeting


- Introductions and News from Summer

- Plan for 2016-2017: organization, subgroups, financing of research

- Speakers (non exhaustive list): Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot on L3 program, Roxana Barbulescu on Medici Summer School and research initiative on inequality

- Events to come (see mail below)

- Your projects to be run with/financed by SnO

- Research Presentation: Theoretical Model of Responses to Normative Pressures - Revisiting Decoupling and Greenwashing - Rodolphe Durand

During Fall 2016, our next meetings will be scheduled as follows, on Tuesdays (not Thursdays)


Sept 13th, noon to 2 pm

Oct 18th, noon to 2 pm

Nov 15th, noon to 2 pm

Dec 13th, noon to 2 pm

Please mark these dates in your calendar!

Following the questionnaire and the brainstorming meeting, we'll try the following things next year.

1/ on top of your ideas and initiative for next year. SnO will announce a list of areas of reasearch that the Center will finance

- Inequality in and around organizations (as per the Medici School topic this year+ tackling poverty)

- media as influencing and influenced market actors

- CSR: new energy policies
-CSR: circular economy
-Social Impact Bonds
-Social Impact Assessments
-Firms' values, purpose, and their consequences
Other themes were mentioned during the last meeting: democracy in organization, new governance modes, the future of labor, big data, robots, strategic foresight....
Please, come by with your projects and suggestions for funding
2/ during our monthly meetings, there will be no more administrative discussion, these discussions will take place in a different setting, before or after the monthly meetings
3/ based on chosen topics and initiatives, interested members will develop their own projects independently of our regular meetings; different sub-groups can for example meet before or after the monthly SnO meetings or at any other time.
4/ SnO meetings will let more room to collegiality: 3 meetings per year could be for example prepared by specific departments; the organization of the meetings will facilitate debate and collective intelligence dynamics
5/ other types of gathering: informal lunches and dinners, meetings with guest stars/speakers, additional brownbags sessions...
Events at HEC sponsored by SnO:
Have a look at our guests next Fall and join us if you can;
September: 'Back to School' conferences for L3 and M1 students
September 29th: Finance4Good conference (
October: Outstanding Socio-entrepreneuers conferences (Oct 3: Runa Khan, Founder of NGO 'Friendship' Bangladesh; Oct 17: Tony Meloto, founder of NGO Gawad Kalinga, Philippines)
November 9: conference with Muhammand Yunus (Nobel Prize), and Emmanuel Faber (Danone CEO)
November 15, Rob Hopkins (featured in movie 'Demain'), and guest speaker at our SnO meeting, founder of the 'transition movement’ and network

News & Events


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