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"Academic view" in The Economist, by Rodolphe Durand

15 December 2015

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Academic view: Managers must take responsibility for building a more cohesive society

by Rodolphe Durand, Professor in Strategy and founder of the SnO Center

"THE concept of the modern, open democracy that embraces freedom, diversity and human rights, is under threat. We live in a time of conflict unlike any other. A war is underway that is not just being fought out on conventional battlefields among state powers, but on the internet and the streets of our towns and cities, as the citizens of Paris found to a shocking cost in November.

How has this threat become so tangible, so powerful? Have we in some way unleashed and then failed to control a set of psychopathic individuals who have been brainwashed by a toxic philosophy? Or has there been some dramatic crisis in what we term “society” which has resulted in a failure to provide the structures we so obviously need to keep us safe?"

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