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Launched in 2009, the Medici Summer School in Management Studies for doctoral students and young researchers is designed to promote doctoral education and research in organization theory and related fields (economic sociology, management studies, strategy) and contribute to the development of enlightened practice in the management of business organizations.
The Summer School is organized and sponsored by MIT Sloan School of Management (Economic Sociology PhD Program), University of Bologna Business School) and HEC Paris (Society and Organizations Research Center and the HEC Foundation)

Precisely the MIT Economic Sociology Program, a new PhD concentration aimed at training scholars who conduct leading-edge research that applies sociological tools and concepts to gain a deeper understanding of organizations and the economy.

Since the first edition in 2009, the Bologna Business School has been co-organizer of the Medici Summer School in Management Studies for doctoral students and young researchers.

The 7th edition of Medici Summer School took place at HEC Paris and focused on the organizational foundations of inequality. Please find more information and reports on the dedicated page.

The next edition will be held in Boston in 2017.


ARCS SnO partner

ARCS is a partnership among academic institutions created to provide data and networking opportunities to facilitate research on corporate sustainability. As environmental issues have grown in complexity and scope, there is growing recognition that to gain ground on our most pressing environmental issues will require the proactive engagement and leadership of the business sector. ARCS helps develop greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to create sustainable businesses by facilitating rigorous academic research.

ARCS was launched in January 2009, by a consortium of institutions at leading universities: Dartmouth College, Duke University, Harvard University, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, and University of Western Ontario.

> THE ETDW (European Theory Development Workshop) PARTNERS

The 4th edition of the ETDW, organized in 2013 at HEC Paris, gathers researchers who present and discuss only theoretical works.


GOLDEN, "Global Organizational Learning and Development Network" for Sustainability, is an independent, non-governmental, multi-stakeholder initiative. For the first time, GOLDEN and SnO will organize an International Workshop “Towards a Sustainable Economy” at HEC Paris on May 26th – 27th, 2015

> The Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School co-organized the workshop entitled “Public-Private Governance, Social Value and Innovative Organizational Design" with the SnO Center at SMS in September 2014.

> The ESSEC Research Center on Capitalism, Globalization and Governance, C²G²

The C2G2 was launched in September 2010. The mission of the Center is to foster a trans-disciplinary focus on Business in Society and Business and Society issues.

> The Center for the Sociology of organizations, CSO

Founded in the early sixties, the CSO is a social science research center, a place where original ideas are born concerning public/private regulations and market/non-market regulations, based on research about organizations, markets, and professional groups. In 2001, it became a joint program of Sciences Po and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research).

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