Experiential learning

The SnO Center is willing to place renewed emphasis on the value of experience in the field, crucial to the development of future decision-makers who are responsible and open-minded.

Seminars and challenges for first and second-year Grande Ecole students

The optional "Leadership and team spirit" workshop, organized in partnership with the French Army and the Military Schools of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, teaches students the art of teamwork through experience in the field. Students tie this pre-semester workshop into their academic work by writing an essay linked to the experience.

2018 “Sustainability is the New Strategy” Challenge

Sustainability Challenge 2018

During the “Sustainability is the New Strategy” Challenge early September 2018, fifty HEC Paris M1 students learned how sustainability challenges are radically reshaping the way we think and do business.

Through various case studies with Veja and Schneider Electric, the students witnessed how enterprises can integrate sustainability at the heart of their business model and strategies. The seminar gave them insight and the tools to rethink and delve into deeper discussions with professors throughout their respective master’s programs at HEC Paris.The two-day Challenge, organized by Jacob Mayne and Amanda Harding from New Angles and the HEC Paris S&O Center, also encouraged the students to rethink their own journey as business school students and professionals.

Read more on this new challenge HERE.



Académie Entrepreneurs du Changement

in partnership with HEC Stand Up program 

Social entrepreneurs develop new forms of business with the aim of providing effective and lasting answers to current major challenges (climate, energy transition, education, inclusion, health, etc.). The Academy Entrepreneurs of Change allows students to explore these innovative business models reconciling economic performance and positive impact for society: are they viable? On what scale? What is their real impact, and how to measure it? What links with large companies?
This Academy is exceptional for its participants: open to all L3 and M1 students, it is also offered to entrepreneurs who participated in the HEC Stand-Up program in La Courneuve. The success of the Academy results from the meeting, both in progress and on the ground, of these two audiences.

Académie Plein Sens – HEC « Réalités Sociales »

Three weeks is a short time to change the world, but it is long enough to form an opinion on a major social issue. Every year, HEC Paris calls upon consulting firm Plein Sens to allow a small group of students to discover/explore a social reality.

This year, the chosen theme is access to healthcare in France. Considered a valuable commodity, can health be treated as a consumer good like any other?

In 2017, students reflected on the role of companies in the integration of migrants with people working in the field, NGOs, cities officials and companies, imagining the solutions for tomorrow.


FACT program

One of the challenges of education at HEC is to manage the "round trip" between theory and practice. In parallel with the associative life at school, the FACT program provides an opportunity for HEC students to apply their knowledge on the field. It is in this perspective that FACT is a great experience for the students.

The missions on the field concern strategic issues for entrepreneurs (markets, competition and environment, strategic positioning, economic and social model, communication)  for social entrepreneurs (establishment of management tools and evaluating social impact, co-construction of social performance indicators) or for representatives of associations (project management, objectives definition, sponsorship approach, team management ...).

In this framework, students are exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and / or management projects, they are involved in the implementation of ideas and innovative, meaningful initiatives. Challenges, often different, are extremely constructive. The exact content is determined according to the needs of entrepreneurs or member associations at the beginning of the project, formalized by a roadmap.


Students who have completed some outstanding preparatory work for their mission for social entrepreneurs will be awarded with a merit-based scholarship by the Fondation Sisley d'Ornano, covering all the costs of their mission in the field.

The merit-based scholarships are named after Laetitia d'Ornano, in memory of her work towards development, in its various different dimensions - human, ecological, and economic - and towards the transmission of values of openness to the world and others.

Immersion weeks


Immersion week of the Social Business Certificate

The name says it all: the objective is for participants to immerse themselves in the field of poverty alleviation by spending one week with social entrepreneurs and social organizations. The objective is both to spend time co-working “in the trenches”, and to meet the managers who are putting their effort in alleviating poverty. Such an immersion is meaningful, humanly rich and full of learnings. It has always made an impact on the participants’ lives.

This week is be spent in groups of two participants.

Examples of partners: ANDES, ARES, Ateliers sans frontières, Association AURORE, Clair & Net, Croix Rouge française - délégation des Hauts-de-Seine, Communauté Emmaüs de Longjumeau, Emmaüs Défi, Emmaüs la Friperie Solidaire, Envie 2E Ile de France, Envie Trappes, Etudes et Chantiers IDF, Farinez'vous, les Jardins d'Auteuil, les Jardins de Cocagne de Magny-les-Hameaux, EBS le Relais Val de Seine, EBS Espérance, REvivre, Samu Social, Sita Rebond, etc...

Study trips

Study trips are intense educational experiences and a rare opportunity to see how social and environmental issues impact communities. They allow students to better understand an issue from the perspective of the populations affected, local governments, nonprofit leaders, business executives, and others.

MISD study trip in Indonesia

Students' associations

Over the years, HEC students have founded and manage today over 130 clubs and associations covering areas such as: sports, culture, professional activities, humanitarian aid, public affairs… Students plan social events, sports tournaments, concerts and plays; they invite politicians and business VIPs to speak and debate on prevailing matters; they help people in need throughout the world; they welcome foreign students...Among them:

Association ESP'R

ESP'R is a student association (Law 1901) created in 2009. Its role is to promote social economy on the campus of HEC Paris through advocacy and student engagement.

The main activity of the association is the accompanying program of social entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Each year, it offers students (by pairs) to work for 4 months (February to May), with a social entrepreneur on the issues of business creation or business expansion. These missions are an opportunity to take part in a concrete adventure and help dynamic and creative people to realize their project. Until 2013, ESP’R has supported nearly 80 entrepreneurs from various networks of social entrepreneurs and disadvantaged areas. ESP'R now supports the creation of companies and associations throughout France.

ESP'R also organized every year the Social Innovation Fair, a jobs fair like no other. Innovative start-ups, large cooperative or mutual groups, associations and foundations of all size and corporate foundations come to the fair to offer internships and jobs carrying values and meaning to students.

And throughout the year, ESP’R organizes conferences, challenges and other multiple events with its partners (Babyloan ProBono Lab, the SOS Group…) to raise campus awareness of the issue of social economy.

Action pour le Benin

This students’ association has been established in the north of Benin Natitingou for almost 15 years. It aims to improve the development and the education of the local population through a variety of activities: micro-credit, cultural and educational activities in an orphanage, literacy and computer classes for minor prison inmates, library management, prevention campaigns against AIDS.

The association also organizes various events on campus all along the year in which students participants can play a part: collecting money, books or condoms…

APB has received many prizes such as Ernst & Young prize, Nicolas Campard prize.

cHeer uP!

cHeer uP! was founded by a preparation class HEC student in 2002. HEC students in this associations help young patients with cancer. 

This association has a group of 300 volunteers in 14 schools and universities in France, its vision is “to fight for one’s project, is also to fight against illness”. Every week, volunteers come visit young patients between 15-25 years old at Gustave Roussy Institute to help them realize their project and spend a good time with them.


Equiterre is the association which promotes fair trade on campus. Its activities include: organizing a fair trade, publishing a newsletter, organizing conferences, selling fairtrade products of its partners. Christmas market is a big event of Equiterre at the end of the 1st semester. Equiterre also has a project to expand its collection of fairtrade clothing products (sweaters, shoes, boots).

Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam is an association specialized in micro credit. The project of the association is to develop a permanent presence in Vietnam, with student teams who take turns throughout the year.

More information on the dedicated Facebook page.

HEC Débats

HEC Débats has been organizing for over 20 years on campus meetings with personalities in the heart of the economic, political and cultural news. The aim of the conference is to engage in a neutral, a lively debate, argued and constructive, born of the encounter between experience and youth.


Involv’EU is the European club of HEC, and its one objective is simple: talk and have people talk about Europe. The association is not a political group. Students want to nurture a European civic and cultural awareness on campus, and to have French and foreign students to work together. Last year, Involv’EU had main projects such as:

  • conferences and debates about EU-Russia relation, European elections
  • thematic dinner where students cooked typical dishes
  • presentations / workshops in French high schools/middle schools/elementary schools in underprivileged areas
  • participation of a delegation from HEC in the model EU organized by the SUNY in Brussels.

Le Salon

Le Salon regularly organizes conferences on diverse topics generally related to science, arts, philosophy, literature or history. Le Salon seeks to provide knowledge and questioning about some specific issues by inviting well known specialists. We all met once some people that changed our life by their powerful convictions and inspirations. Le Salon organized such meetings.

Mission Cambodia

Mission Cambodia is a students’ association aiming at sending HEC students in various Cambodian orphanages during the summer to take care of those disadvantaged children. This association is Children of Asia representatives in HEC. The project is prepared throughout the year by organizing breakfasts, selling kramas (traditional Cambodian scarves), or participating to financial aid competitions. Mission Cambodia won the Gala du Campus de la Solisarite award in 2013.

More information on the dedicated Facebook page.

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