Origins of the Chair


Over the years, HEC Paris has multiplied its initiatives in sustainable development and societal innovation initiatives, most notably with:

    - The creation of the Master of Science/Major in Sustainable Development and of the Major in Alternative Management

    - The development of partnerships with French educational institutions nation-wide to promote access to business schools for technologically-oriented students

    - The participation in the “Grenelle Environment Round Table” and the “Grenelle Social Integration Round Table”

    - The launch of the Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair in cooperation with Danone, co-presided by Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus and former High Commissioner for Active Solidarities against Poverty for the French Government Martin Hirsch.



In March 2008: Signing of the Social Business Chair, by HEC Paris dean Bernard Ramanantsoa, High Commissioner for Active Solidarities against Poverty for the French government Martin Hirsch, and Professor Muhammad Yunus.

On December 5, 2008: Launch of the Social business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair at the Marigny Theater in Paris by dean Bernard Ramanantsoa and Franck Riboud, CEO of Danone.

The event featured a debate on the theme "Financial crisis and poverty: towards a new capitalism?"

Guests included Muhammad Yunus; Martin Hirsch; Georges Pauget, President of the French Banking Federation; Emmanuel Faber, co-COO of Danone and Frédéric Dalsace, holder of the Chair and associate professor of Marketing at HEC Paris.

The conference was moderated by Erik Israelewicz, French Le Monde daily newspaper director.

video in French

All these initiatives are elements of an organizational learning process that HEC Paris wants to intensify and extend further, positioning them at the heart of the school's strategy.

The fact that Professor Muhammad Yunus received the Honoris Causa distinction in October 2005 was an important milestone in the process and reinforced HEC Paris' involvement and engagement in social and environmental issues.

For several years now, students from various programs at HEC Paris have been engaging in more and more BOP-related or social business missions. The increasing number of conferences, student papers and theses about social business and the fight against poverty reflects the need for research development and specialized teaching to address these innovative questions. Many HEC Professors are now involved in societal problems, and have thus refocused much of their work in case studies and academic research.


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