What's up?

what's up? 

# April 23, 2012: Launch of the 2012 Social Business Certificate!!!


# March 22, 2012: the HEC Sustainable Business Conference

On 22nd March 2012, HEC hosted its 9th annual Sustainable Business Conference dedicated to exploring the issues, challenges and current developments in sustainable businesses around the world.


The theme for this year’s conference, “Smart Cities, Smart Sustainability”, focused on the need for development of Smart Cities and what progress has been made towards establishing them. The proposed discussions were centered on the roles of Energy, Infrastructure & Mobility and Social Business in the creation, development and sustenance of Smart Cities.

Smart Cities. Smart Sustainability brought together a cohort of Professionals, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Students and Academics committed towards shaping a brighter future.

Start. Shape. Sustain

Click here to visit the dedicated website



#February 22, 2012 IN SINGAPOUR!

Public Lecture at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

"Creating a supportive environment for social businesses" 

Co-organised with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, this public lecture by Professor Muhammad Yunus will address the challenges of creating a supportive environment for social businesses. Addressing civil society and government bodies, Professor Yunus will illustrate how social business can play a partnering role in addressing the social needs of a country, and also suggest policy frameworks that will be conducive for the growth of such businesses.


# February 13, 2012

Have you heard of "Make Sense, challenging people for social business"? Have a look at their blog!


# February 7, 2012

Vu dans "Grandes Ecoles Magasine" de février: le pro bono lab, le blog du bénévolat et mécénat de compétences: www.pro-bono.fr


# February 1, 2012

Remise du Prix de l'Entrepreneur Social 2011

5eme édition du prix de l'Entrepreneur Social, organisé par le Boston Consulting Group et la Fondation Schwab, auxquels est associée la chaire Social Business/Entreprise et Pauvreté d'HEC.

Voir page dédiée sur le site du BCG.


# January 26, 2012

 sparknews   welcomes Chris Fuchs, co-founder of Better World Books. See the video (in English)


# January 17, 2012

Workshop: "Altruisme et altruité dans les sciences sociales" en présence du professeur Kourilsky

La Chaire Social Business/Entreprise et Pauvreté d'HEC et la Chaire d'Economie Sociale et Solidaire de l'Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée, dirigée par le professeur Hervé Defalvard, proposent un atelier de travail sur les implications et les prolongements du concept d'altruité introduit par Philippe Kourilsky, professeur au Collège de France, dans son dernier ouvrage "Le Manifeste de l'Altruisme" (2011, edition Odile Jacob).


# December 2011

2011 HEC Foundation Awards

The Specialized Masters Professional Thesis Prize was awarded to Clemence Patureau for her paper on “Innovating to meet social needs”. Graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in 2009, Clémence holds a Master’s degree in Politics from the EHESS. She then joined the Specialized Master "Entrepreneurs" at HEC and graduated in 2010. The same year she obtained the Social Business Certificate. She has been working for Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Sociaux (Mouves - French network of social entrepreneurs) since then.

Read the professional thesis on line (in French): full text or abstract

Learn more about the HEC Fondation Prizes or Clemence's Prize


# November 23, 2011

In "Le Nouvel Economiste", a French leading magazine: "Le Social Business" (article in French)


# November 17, 2011

In La Tribune, French leading newspaper: "Il faut passer du G20 au G25 avec un pays pauvre représentant chaque continent pauvre", Muhammad Yunus (article in French)

and "Des incitations fiscales pour le Social Business", Martin Hirsch (article in French)


# October 10, 2011

In La Tribune, French leading newspaper: "Idée reçue #13: vendre aux pauvres, cela ne rapporte pas", Dominique Pialot, journalist (article in French)

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