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16 September 2014  

Launch of a new newspaper DEBOUT aimed at the poorest in France. In the French press, among others: Youphil

July 2014  

Launch of a social incubator at HEC: STAND UP! Article in the French magasine and website "l'Etudiant"

May 2014  
Article in the French newspaper Le Monde: "Muhammad Yunus fait son show en France"  
Article on the Internet on social entrepreneurship in Africa: La BAD et le prix Nobel Muhammad Yunus boostent l’entreprenariat social en Afrique  
April 2014  
Latest news of Planète d'Entrepreneurs: Mid-term review: everything is going just fine!  
15 March 2014  
READ AGAIN :) on, ITW of Sarah Rozenberg, HEC MISD and HEC Social Business Certificate alumna: "Sarah, diplômée d'HEC, branchée social plus que business" (April 2011, in French)  
14 March 2014  
ITW of Alyzée Lozac’hmeur, 2012 HEC Social Business Certificate alumna: "Lancement de SenseCube, l’incubateur social de MakeSense" on the Maddyness web magazine (in French)  
February 2014: ParisTech Review:

"The Danone case, or how social innovation can help a multinational company reinvent itself", by Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, executive director of the Chair


The ambition to change the world is at the heart of the most innovative entreprenarial endeavors – be they those of Ford, yesterday, or, today, of Google. Nevertheless, an established company that nurtures such an ambition must also reinvent itself. Today, social business is the new frontier, in that it combines an ambition for development and the conquest of new markets. So, can environmental and social innovations become the levers of a transformation of big companies, not only improving their performance but also contributing to the invention of a new, more sustainable and more inclusive economy? The example of Danone provides a concrete framework to study the initiatives taken by multinational companies from first-world countries to address the low-income populations from emerging countries.

Read the whole article in the ParisTech Review, in English or French:

5-6 November 2013: 1st GSBS Research Conference on Social Business held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

This conference is aimed at all researchers working on social business or related areas, the main aims of the conference being to: stimulate an inter-disciplinary and international research community around this area of growing international significance; and enhance capacity, quality and recognition of research in social business.

Frédéric Dalsace, holder of the HEC Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair and Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, executive director of the Chair are among the researchers.


17 October 2013  

 Support our HEC candidate to the 1001 Pionniers qui changent le monde contest! Matthieu Dardaillon is a Grande Ecole Alternative Management student. VOTE for him HERE (website in French)

17 October 2013  

Women's Forum at Deauville, France: Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, executive director of the the Social business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair talks about Innovation at the bottom of the Pyramid. See the news here

The Women's Forum, it is all about building the future with women's vision:!/sessions/d/0

July 2013  

Jonas and Matthieu are back! Have a look at the Destination Changemakers' YouTube Channel

July 2013  
Planète d'Entrepreneurs: Newsletter July 2013  
16 July 2013  
JUST PUBLISHED on L'  "Entrepreneuriat social: 10 choses à retenir d'une mission en Afrique et en Asie" by DestinationChangemakers  
16 July 2013: Campus ProBono 2013  
Campus ProBono 2013 in less than 3 minutes (video in French here)  
3 July 2013: l'Arrondi by microDON  
Very interesting TEDxParis conference by Pierre-Emmanuel Grange, founder of microDON (in French): "la générosité embarquée"  
27 June 2013: in the French Express website  
Article on Social Business by Prof. M.Yunus:

27 June 2013: Tony Meloto, Filipino Social entrepreneur  
A very interesting article on Tony Meloto (in French, sorry for the non-French speakers) on Nicolas Cordier's website  
17 June 2013: DestinationChangemakers  

NEWS from Lemateki in Senegal: "Manger, grandir, réussir"

Check their website and the YouTube page for more!

10 June 2013  
Planète d'Entrepreneurs: Newsletter May 2013 issue  
3 June 2013:  
JUST PUBLISHED: the Student Guide on Social Business, by the Grameen Creative Lab  
14 May 2013: Hult Prize competition  

HEC Students competing in the Hult Prize, the world's largest student movement for Social Good!

Five HEC students from the MSc in Sustainable Development, the MSc in Finance and the Social Business Enterprise and Poverty Certificate are competing in the Hult Prize, an international Challenge for student social entrepreneurs dedicated to solving the most pressing social challenges on the planet. Their project "Feed Your Future", seeks to improve food security for 200 million people living in urban slums around the world.

The HEC Paris team has just competed in the Global online competition. Their project, Feed Your Future, is among the TOP 10 videos!!

They have now the opportunity to move into final round and submit their pitch at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New-York, in front of President Clinton.
Teams will be selected based on the potential of their social business model to cause a radical change in the current food value chain which helps to improve food security for the world’s poor populations.
The global winner will receive US$1,000,000 in start-up capital to launch their new social enterprise.

We keep you posted!

About "Feed Your Future":

India has produced enough food to feed its people since 1995 yet, it is still home to 1/4 of the world's hungry people. Feed Your Future is a business model that recognizes that the end of hunger and malnutrition in many urban slums must begin with improving the power of the resources already in the hands of the people. As an integrated grocery and banking system, Feed Your Future empowers urban slum dwellers to plan and secure their current and future consumption by increasing the power of their incomes, ultimately helping the average saver to earn approximately 160 additional meals annually. By linking positive return savings accounts and profit sharing to food credits, the Feed Your Future business model is a virtuous cycle that allows savers to build food security simply by leveraging the aggregated power of their current consumption and incomes. The Feed Your Future model requires no change of culture or food habits; rather, it increases resources and empowers individuals--giving it the potential to revolutionize access to food in urban slums globally.
Any questions and inquiries are welcome at @FeedFuture
HEC Paris Team: Jessica Custer, Shubham Gupta, Rochelle Haw, Tamiksha Singh, Shivam Tripathi

About the Hult Prize:

In partnership with President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative, the Hult Prize - funded by Swedish Billionaire Bertil Hult and supported by Hult International Business School - has created the world’s largest student movement for social impact and the world’s largest crowdsourcing platform, dedicated to solving the most pressing social challenges on the planet. As a start-up accelerator for social good, the Hult Prize has been recently named one of the top five ideas changing the world by President Bill Clinton and TIME Magazine.
Each year, more than ten thousand students from the most prestigious institutions around the world apply to pitch their ideas. For the 2013 Prize, President Clinton has personally selected the challenge: the Global Food Crisis.

30 April 2013: ProBono Campus  
Find here pictures and feed-backs (in French, sorry!)  
21 february 2013:  
Planète d'Entrepreneurs: Presentation of the social impact assessment of the Mason Training program (video)  
6 February 2013: Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award  
And the winner is: Etienne Primard, Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement  
24 January 2013: Destination Changemakers  
Flash back on their 3 months with Antonio Meloto and Gawad Kalinga!  
9 January 2013: Destination Changemakers  
The team is in india! Keep up with the latest news on  
7 January 2013:  
Planète d'Entrepreneurs: Newsletter December 2012 issue  
23 October 2012: in the press  
"Starting And Growing a Business - The Entrepreneur's Global Guide: the Philippines", on . Frank Chiu, Director of the Gawad Kalinga Centre for Social Innovation (GK-CSI) gives advice for entrepreneurs setting up businesses in his country.  
19 October 2012: in the press  
"Are social businesses real innovation labs?" on by Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, executive director of the HEC Paris Social Business chair.  
19 October 2012: Livelihoods  

If you speak French and you want to know everything on the Livelihoods network camp, listen to RFI (Radio France International)
on Saturday  20 October  
09h10 /09h59 GMT (11h10 / 11h59 à Paris)
23h10 /  23h59 GMT (01h10 / 01h59 à Paris)

If you speak French and you want to know everything about the Araku project and the Naandi Foundation in India, listen to RFI
on Sunday 21 October
09h10 /09h59 GMT (11h10 / 11h59 à Paris)
23h10 / 23h59 GMT (01h10 / 01h59 à Paris)
If you miss these timeslots, you will find the interviews on on the following Monday. 

About Livelihoods: Livelihoods is a carbon investment fund dedicated to promoting projects with strong social impact. It draws on specialized know-how from a range of sources: community organizers, technical experts and business.

16 October 2012: a new Ashoka Fellow  

Charles-Edouard Vincent, founder of Emmaüs Défi and HEC Paris affiliate professor in the Social Business Certificate program has just become Ashoka Fellow!

More on FB:

Who are the Ashoka Fellows?
Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who are recognized to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. They demonstrate unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas and prove that compassion, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces for change. Ashoka Fellows work in over 70 countries around the globe in every area of human need. All Ashoka Fellows must undergo a rigorous search and selection process in which they demonstrate that they fully meet Ashoka's selection criteria.

More on Ashoka:

16 October 2012:  
Destination Changemakers in the Philippines with Antonio Meloto, Filipino social entrepreneur, Founder of Gawad Kalinga: newsletter #2  
15 octobre 2012: Babyloan's challenge: Help 500 micro-entrepreneurs by lending micro-loans!  


What is Babyloan? it is the leading European Internet site for solidarity microcredit. This project enables the “Babyloanian” Internet users from countries of the North to finance projects by micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries via small no-interest loans. It represents a source of extra financing for microfinance institutions (MFIs). Above and beyond collecting funds, Babyloan plays an active role in awareness-raising and education of the general public regarding microfinance, especially during the Rencontres de Babyloan event in Paris or the Babytour in the french regions. Babyloan is moreover extending its activity so as to benefit micro-entrepreneurs in France, in partnership with ADIE.

4 October 2012: Destination Changemakers – Building alliances to fight poverty  

Destination Changemakers is a project aiming at supporting social entrepreneurship. After one year and a half of preparation in the UK, in Austria and in France (January 2011 – August 2012), they are now on the field to help 4 outstanding social entrepreneurs in the Philippines, in India and in Senegal during 9 months (September 2012 – June 2013). Their mission : help creating new alliances between social entrepreneurs and large companies.

Read their latest news on their website:

Like their FaceBook page

28 September 2012  
Interesting article on "Optique Solidaire", an innovating partnership to help French old and poor people have acccess to glasses (in French sorry!)  
25 September 2012  

Planète d'Entrepreneurs' Newsletter: September issue

19 September 2012  
Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot shares her thoughts on "What part can private companies play in reducing poverty in developing countries?" at the Convergences 2012 World Forum  
TO COME: The Global Social Business Summit on 8-10 November 2012 in Vienna, Austria, co-organized by the Yunus Center and the Grameen Creative Lab.  
28 August 2012: Just published!  

Congratulations to Aurélie Dano, co-author of a report on China's energy future, just published by the Harmattan editions: "Le défi énergétique de la Chine - Comment la Chine prépare-t-elle son avenir énergétique" (Book in French). More information on the editions Harmattan's website.

Aurélie graduated with an MSc in Sustainable Development from HEC Paris in June 2011. She also holds the HEC Paris Social Business Certificate.

28 August 2012: Global Communities Meeting, Tour danone.communities 2012: "Share social business learnings & challenges with experts"

Find here the Minutes of the workshops held in Paris on May the 15th.


11 July 2012: Launch of the Social Business program of Renault: MobiliZ  

by Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault, and the CSR team, in the presence of Martin Hirsch, president of the Institut du Service Civique; Emmanuel Faber, co-COO of Danone; Jean-Marc Borello, president of the Groupe SOS; Frédéric Dalsace, holder of the HEC Paris Social Business Chair; Florence Gilbert, director of Voiture&Co and Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, executive director of the Social Business Chair, among others.

The HEC Paris Social Business Chair is the academic partner of the program MobiliZ.

July 2012: Just published!  
  • "L'entreprise à l'ère de la défiance" by Anne Chanon et Jérome Auriac. More information on the book on the "Entrepreneurs d'avenir"'s blog (in French).

Jerôme is an HEC Paris affiliate professor in charge of the course "Social entrepreneurship in poor and developing countries" in the Social Business Certificate program.

  • "Vive la CO-révolution! Pour une société collaborative" by Anne-Sophie Novel et Stéphane Riot. More information the Nove Terra's website (in French).

Stéphane Riot is in charge of the course "Raising awareness towards sustainability: individual and collective approach" in the HEC Paris MSc in Sustainable Development. He is the founder of Nove Terra.

June 2012  
Planète d'Entrepreneurs' Newsletter: June issue  
14 June 2012  
End of the 120-hour program of the Social Business Certificate  
May 2012  

Planète d'Entrepreneurs' Newsletter: May issue

15 May 2012: Inspiring meeting with Professor Yunus  

danone.communities welcomed 2,000 people to its annual General Conference on May 15th, in the Maison de la Mutualité at the heart of Paris.

The evening was the main momentum of the GCM Tour 2012 in France, before other major events in other countries. danone.communities welcomed again Pr.Yunus and social entrepreneurs from all over the world to give their insights on two main topics, "Social business and nutrition in emerging countries" and "Is social business working?"

Many students from the Social Business Certificate were there too!!

23 April 2012  
First day of the 2012 Social Business/ Enterprise and Poverty Certificate: 80 participants from 20 different countries!  
11 April 2012: Great conference at the Paris city hall on impact investing and the financing of social entrepreneurship.

The meeting Impact ² is organized by the Comptoir de l’Innovation, on financing social entrepreneurship in France and in the world. Its ambition is to promote impact investing, a new way of financing based on the practice of assessing not only the financial return on investment, but also the social and environmental impacts of the investment.

April 2012  

Planète d'Entrepreneurs' Newsletter: April issue

14 March 2012  
On the web, click here if you missed the FACTS Conference held in Paris on March 6th: "Fighting poverty with profits and donations" from Abby Tabor on  
14 March 2012: LIVE STREAMING!  

Convergences 2015 calls out to the French Republican Presidential candidates about solidarity for the coming five-year term (in French).

More information on the preparation of the meeting on the following pages: ESS et entrepreneuriat social et Solidarité internationale (in French).

twitter during the debate: #sol2012

March 2012  

Planète d'Entrepreneurs' Newsletter: March issue


6 March 2012: Conférence FACTS - Le Monde "Lutte contre la pauvreté, entre don et marché"

This conference took place in Paris. Philippe Kourilsky, professor at the Collège de France and Frédéric Dalsace, associate professor of Marketing at HEC Paris and holder of the Social Business Chair were among the guests.

More information on the dedicated website (in French)


22 February 2012: Public lecture by Muhammad Yunus in Singapore: "Creating a supportive environment for social businesses".

Co-organized with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, this public lecture by Professor Muhammad Yunus will address the challenges of creating a supportive environment for social businesses. Addressing civil society and government bodies, Professor Yunus will illustrate how social business can play a partnering role in addressing the social needs of a country, and also suggest policy frameworks that will be conductive for the growth of such businesses. 

Catherine Rousseau, from the Social Business Chair's team will be there!

 15 February 2012  
 Planète d'Entrepreneurs' NewsletterFebruary issue  
13 February 2012  
Have you heard of "Make Sense, challenging people for social business"? have a look at their blog!  
7 February 2012  
Seen in the "Grandes Ecoles" magazine: the pro bono lab, le blog du bénévolat et mécénat de compétences:  
1 February 2012: Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award: rewarding innovation in corporate social responsibility  

The Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, organized by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and the Boston Consulting Group, recognizes a new generation of business leaders engaged in sustainable and innovative projects with high social impact. This year, Archer Group President Christophe Chevalier was lauded for mobilizing efforts to create modest but sustainable jobs at the local level.

Since 2009, HEC Paris has been the award ceremony's academic partner via the Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair. Associate Marketing professor and chair holder Frédéric Dalsace was among the jury, composed of leading figures in the economic and social business world.

Dedicated pages in French here

26 January 2012  
Spark News welcomes Chris Fuchs, co-founder of Better World Books. See the video (in English)  
 17 january 2012: Professor Philippe Kourilsky at HEC Paris  

Workshop: "Altruisme et altruité dans les sciences sociales" en présence du professeur Kourilsky

La Chaire Social Business/Entreprise et Pauvreté d'HEC et la Chaire d'Economie Sociale et Solidaire de l'Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée, dirigée par le professeur Hervé Defalvard, proposent un atelier de travail sur les implications et les prolongements du concept d'altruité introduit par Philippe Kourilsky, professeur au Collège de France, dans son dernier ouvrage "Le Manifeste de l'Altruisme" (2011, edition Odile Jacob).

8 December 2011: HEC Foundation Awards  

The Specialized Masters Professional Thesis Prize was awarded to Clemence Patureau for her paper on "Innovating to meet social needs". Graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in 2009, Clémence holds a Master's degree in politics from EHESS. She then joined the specialized master "Entrepreneurs" at HEC Paris and graduated in 2010. The same year she obtained the Social Business certificate. She has been working for the Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Sociaux (MOUVES - French network of social entrepreneurs) since then.

Read the professional thesis on line (in French): full text or abstract. Learn more about the HEC Foundation prizes or Clémence's prize

23 November 2011  
"Le Social Business" (article in French) in Le Nouvel economist, a French leading magazine.  
17 November 2011  

"Il faut passer du G20 au G25 avec un pays pauvre représentant chaque pays" from Muhammad Yunus, on, and "Des incitations fiscales pour le Social Business" by Martin Hirsch (articles in French)

18 October 2011  
"Idée reçue #13: Vendre aux pauvres: ça ne rapporte pas", on  
5 october 2011  
"La lutte contre la pauvreté se fait une place dans la politique des entreprises", on  
16 June 2011  
"Docteur capital ou Monsieur Social", on  
June 2011  
A fresh look at the role of business in the fight against poverty, by Frédéric Dalsace and David Ménascé, in the HEC Paris Corporate Newsletter #28  
March 2011  
Technology transform the world: HEC Paris hosts Digital4Change Conference, in the HEC Paris Corporate Newsletter #27  






"Entreprises et pauvreté avec le Pr Yunus", Martin Hirsch on, 7th December 2010

Schneider Electric devient partenaire de la chaire Social Business/Entreprise et Pauvreté d'HEC Paris (French), 7th December 2010

MSc in Management certificate programs target key sectors, Newsletter #23, March 2010

"Penser et agir pour ne pas recommencer comme avant la crise" by Martin Hirsch, Libération, 4th February 2010





Fighting Global Poverty with New Business Strategies, Frédéric Dalsace, Martin Hirsch and Muhammad Yunus, Newsletter #22, November 2009


Sustainability speaks out at HEC Paris, English Press Release, 30th September 2009


Rewarding efforts to rethink business, Newsletter #21, June 2009





Indian social entrepreneur wins MBA award and plans to aid poor, English Press Release, The Independent, 13th November 2008


Putting theory into practice: the Specialized Masters in Sustainable Development, Newsletter #19, September 2008


HEC Paris annonce la création d’une Chaire « Entreprise et Pauvreté » (French), 30th March 2008





HEC Symposium debates new business models to reduce poverty, Newsletter #17, December 2007




HEC Specialized Masters students investigate sustainable development in Bangladesh, Newsletter #13, July 2006

Actualité française, 25th March 2009

Profitability, sustainability, social responsibility: HEC’s ‘triple bottom line’, Newsletter #20, January 2009

HEC Paris lance la Chaire Social Business (in French), 8th December 2008

"Social responsibility" gains momentum at HEC, Newsletter #11, January 2006




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