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Executive Education

Develop Yourself As A Leader

Develop Yourself As A Leader


Language : English 


Program overview


This transformational advanced program is designed to prepare leaders for the challenges of the 21st century.

Mankind is undergoing a major transformation, definitively leaving the Stone and Metal Age, to enter what we have called the “Water Age”.

In the Water Age, leaders are inspired by the qualities of water: fluidity, agility, ability to navigate contradictions and complexity.

In the Metal Age, the leader used to inspire awe and would wield a metallic weapon to exert domination and power. In the Water Age, the leader cultivates the ability to adapt and take all positions, as in the water cycle in nature. The leader may be above, with or below others. The leader uses the energy of the situation, to generate, as water, prosperity for the members of his community but also outside. An excellent leader of the Water Age could be called "oceanic": he multiplies energies, creates prosperity, fulfillment for everyone; as opposed to the desertic leader who creates deserts and desolation around him

Manage The Digital Revolution

Executive Short Program Develop Yourself As A Leader

Durée: 3 jours
Langue: Anglais
Prochaine rentrée:
Coût: 4500 €*



Develop one’s “vertical flexibility”: move from level of leadership to another (high position, middle position, low position).

Develop one’s “horizontal flexibility”: manage contradictions, have peripheral and systemic vision

Be a multiplier of human potential: inspire the desire for excellence, create strong bonds, spread positive collective emotions, transform fear and despair into boldness and hope.


Like water takes on different appearance (ice, liquid, vapor), while keeping the same chemical formula, you will learn how to play multiple roles within your organization, while always staying yourself and being recognized as such.

You will develop your ability to lead people in turbulent and complex environments, and to make change happen. You will improve knowledge of yourself and of others, to find the lines of least resistance and lead others effortlessly.


This program aims to anchor new behaviors in participants. It constitutes a real school of leadership through practice thanks to a variety of pedagogical approaches: role-playing, simulation, co-development, challenge by inspirational leaders with proven track-record.

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This program is accessible for people with disabilities. Please contact us if you have any specific re quirements or to obtain the Public Accessibility Register.


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Nibal EL Kadi
Conseillère formation