Hiring our students


Every year, HEC Paris organizes career fairs for all students and companies:

•   International Finance Fair: October 2nd 2018
•   International Consulting Fair: October 17th 2017
•   Technology and Digital Career Fair: November 8th 2018
•   Forum Juridique et Fiscale: October 25th 2018
•   HEC Carrefours: January 23rd and 24th 2019

In addition, we organize career fairs focused on specific sectors, themes and regions:


•   Life Sciences / Healthcare Career Fair: November 15th  2018
•   Consumer Lifestyle Career Fair: November 20th 2018
•   Diversity Career Fair: November 29th 2018
•   Energy Career Fair: February 2019
•   ‘Sustainable World’ Career Fair: March 2019


•   Germany Career Fair: October 10th
•   Africa Careers: December 4th 2018
•   Luxembourg Day: February 14th 2019
•   China Career Fair: March 2019

We also run, individually and jointly with our peers, career fairs for our MBA/EMBA students:

•   MBA Career Week: September 3rd to 7th 2018 (HEC only)
•   MBA Asia Fair: November 3rd 2018 (with peer schools, at IESE Spain)
•   MBA Internship Day: February 1st 2019 (HEC only)
•   MBA Luxury & Retail Forum: March 1st 2019 (with peer schools, at INSEAD France)

For more information contact: careerevents@hec.fr


Master in Management - Grande École. At least 40 weeks are required in total (30 weeks for direct admission students), including 20 outside France (10 for French direct admission students). It should be noted that the duration of each mission can vary according to the manner in which students tailor their program: from a minimum of 6 weeks and up to 6 months, and that 95 % of students take their gap year between M1 and M2 and opt for two 6-month internships.

Specialized Masters and  MSc 4 to 6 months at the end of the program (starting from April to June until January).

NB : Internship periods may differ from one program to the other.

MBA with two possibilities of recruitment, the Summer internship: 2 ½ months or the Fieldwork projects: 3 to 5 months full time (from the end of May to the beginning of September, or January to mid-May).  

Internship Schedule Master in Management 2018

Internship Schedule Masters, MSc and MBA 2018

To post your internship offers:

- For graduate students (MiM Grande Ecole, Specialized Masters or MSc), click here
- For MBA participants, click here

Please note that you must accept the security certificate in order to visualize the forms.

For more information please contact Clarisse Gauger by e-mail


For recent graduates (less than one year) please post offers directly online :

- For graduate students (MiM Grande Ecole, Specialized Masters or MSc), click here 
- For MBA participants, click here

Please note that you must accept the security certificate in order to visualize the forms.

For alumni (graduated for more than a year) : please post your offer on the HEC Alumni platform by clicking here.


In the context of some specializations, students are required to carry out in-company consulting or study missions, in groups of two or more, under the supervision of a professor. 

For more information please contact Marie-Pierre Seyfried by e-mail, or by phone at + 33 1 39 67 74 04.