How France’s commercial courts stay relevant through the centuries  - Nicole Stolow - ©123rf- hornet

Commercial courts in France are overseen by peer-elected unpaid non-career judges. This judicial system has been in place for over four hundred years. In their recent study, Nicole Stolowy and Matthieu Brochier investigate how France’s commercial courts were set up and why they remain largely unchanged today. They show that France’s commercial courts are among the most efficient, with some of the (...)

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The rise of import from China in the 2000s’ led to a strong increase in American households’ debt, reveals a study written by Professors Jean-Noël Barrot, Erik Loualiche, Matthew Plosser and Julien Sauvagnat. This effect is mainly (...)

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What are the local impacts of firms being liquidated? In a new paper, Professors Bernstein, Colonnelli, Giroud and Iverson show that it negatively affects the activity of closely located firms, mainly through a reduction in consumer (...)

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Talented workers are the first to leave a firm in financial distress. Simultaneously, this makes  recruiting new skilled workers much more difficult. Labor fragility is therefore a key determinant of a firm capital structure: CFOs (...)

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Successful public-private partnerships create social and economic value. As part of a Journal of Management Studies  Special Issue “Public-Private Collaboration, Hybrid Organizational Design and Social Value,” Bertrand Quélin, (...)

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