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Railroads, responsible investment and solar panels would never have grown into full-blown industries without initial backing from governments. But how can nascent industries obtain state support? A broad study of the European photovoltaic sector sheds light on the best conditions for a viable sector to emerge alongside strong established rivals.

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Photo: Poll lead by Terra Nova and Echo Citoyen (whom one of the founders is HEC alumni Quentin Sauzay) The relationship between cannabis and society is a long and deeply contested one. Throughout history, cannabis has (...)

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Transformation is a difficult challenge for companies. How can the art of storytelling guide companies through transformative change? Researchers Giada Di Stefano and Elena Dalpiaz turn to Italian houseware and kitchen utensil company — (...)

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For a firm to be profitable, does it need to listen to all its stakeholders? And what happens if a firm is sensitive to stakeholder demands and proactive about environmental issues? Bertrand Quelin’s latest research reveals a surprising (...)

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Industry in the US suffers from intense competition with Chinese imports. Now, Johan Hombert and Adrien Matray, show how investment in R&D and innovation is making American products better, different, and more competitive in a (...)

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