Alliances for Cities in Transition - ©Arton6714 - JPierre Frapolli

The cities of today face unprecedented challenges. Rural exodus and urbanization, coupled with environmental issues such as climate change, are highlighting air quality, congestion, failing infrastructure, general wellbeing, loss of social relationship and poverty as the greatest challenges for the 21st century. To achieve carbon neutrality while ensuring the inclusion and empowerment of all (...)

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How should governments decide in the face of radical uncertainties, such as those concerning climate change, energy policy, genetically modified organisms and nanotechnologies? How should managers and investors plan in the face of the (...)

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It was back in March 2016 that HEC Paris Dean Peter Todd asked Professor Marc Vanhuele to devote himself to constructing the business school’s first-ever 100% online degree program. This associate Dean in charge of Digital appeared to be a (...)

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Commercial courts in France are overseen by peer-elected unpaid non-career judges. This judicial system has been in place for over four hundred years. In their recent study, Nicole Stolowy and Matthieu Brochier investigate how France’s (...)

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The rise of imports from China in the 2000s’ led to a strong increase in American households’ debt, reveals a study written by Professors Jean-Noël Barrot, Erik Loualiche, Matthew Plosser and Julien Sauvagnat. This effect is mainly (...)

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