When your CV doesn’t interfere with strategic job hopping - Roxana Barbulescu, HEC Paris - ©Adobestock-psdesign1

Having worked for a prestigious company in the past tends to help in landing another good position. But job-seekers without a stellar CV should not underestimate their chances. A new study of job-matching in the MBA labor market shows that candidates lacking prior employer status can still be successful, depending on the competitiveness of the job. 

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Envy between employees can affect a firm’s performance. In their study, Tomasz Obloj and Todd Zenger investigate what makes us compare ourselves to others at work and what this means for the firm we work for. They find that proximity to (...)

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Loneliness and materialism are linked. In a recent study, Elodie Gentina, L.J. Shrum and Tina Lowrey investigate the materialistic coping strategies that can alleviate loneliness and its associated unethical behaviors. They find that (...)

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CVC is a massive emerging phenomenon in France and worldwide. Although it is less in the spotlight than Venture Capital conceived by independent private funds, it has grown significantly in the past ten years  and prospects of growth (...)

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Research has shown that deregulation of banking markets across the globe increases competition between banks, with many associated advantages. In Johan Hombert and Adrien Matray’s recent study into the effects of deregulation on (...)

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