M1 Academies

Winter Coding Camp Academy

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

In the Digital Age, can you really afford not to know the basics of web and mobile languages? Can you afford not to be technologically literate or able to evaluate technological issues and find solutions? The academy's goal is not to turn you into a web developer, but to help you become familiar with essential tools for any 21st-century business, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

The best way to find out if a learned skill has truly been mastered is by immediately putting theory into practice - an approach to learning with a proven track record at SUP'Internet, whose students regularly attend HEC academies.

The Winter Coding Camp academy will be devoted to learning how to build your own website with complete and interactive web pages.

At the end of the program students will be able to:

  • Code using HTML and CSS
  • Develop a site using Responsive Web Design (which adapts to different devices)
  • Upload the website using a FTP client
  • Exchange ideas with developers more effectively
  • Cost up the different steps involved in an Internet proposal
  • Have a better understanding of entrepreneurship and of the French startup ecosystem.

Intensive French Language & Culture Academy

For international students who have a French level < B2

The HEC Language Centre provides their international students with a French language course that is designed to help them in their immersion in a French daily life, study or work environment, by practicing and improving their French language skills. Both oral and written skills are targeted, in order to be linguistically equipped to effectively perform in personal and public domains of daily life, as well as in educational and professional (business and management) oriented communication situations.

General objectives:

  • French language course (all groups)
    Training objectives for each group correspond to selected acts of communication in accordance with the main communicative needs of this group
  • Contemporary French Society (Beginner & Basic levels – Course in English)
    This course proposes an overview on socio-cultural realities of contemporary France. Following a thematic approach, the course gives an updated panorama of the current workings of French society. Topics: work; social issues, education; politics, media…
  • Cross cultural approach of French corporations (Independent levels – Course in French)
    This course presents a cross-cultural approach of the different aspects of human relationships in the French professional and business environment. Topics: influence of national culture on business; person & organization; company culture; interpersonal communication…

Investment Banking Academy - Corporate finance

The objective of this academy is to provide students with a real-life understanding of the key tasks performed by analysts in the Investment Banking Division: from designing an operating model for a client (in class Excel modelling), to valuing a potential acquisition and analyzing its financial impact for the acquirer. This academy will also include an introduction to Leveraged Buyout (LBO) analysis.

In addition, the first hours will be dedicated to help students get prepared for their upcoming interviews for Investment Banking or Private Equity internships.

This course is intended to students who wish to obtain an internship in Investment Banking, in a Corporate M&A department or in a Private Equity fund.

Philanthropy - Tocqueville's Civil Society Challenge for Social Entrepreneurship Academy

This Academy will review the nature and needs of philanthrophy in France and Europe. The course is sponsored by the Tocqueville Foundation, which has made a substantial donation the the Fondation HEC to fund student projects. Speakers will include noted experts in the philanthropic community and experts from companies widely acknowledged to have exemplary philanthropic strategies.

Course objectives:

It will review the goals, strategies, mechanisms, evaluation procedures, and results of philanthropy organisations.

The Luxury retail Academy - LVMH

Luxury is a peculiar environment in which distribution plays an essential role. As a result, retail management is particularly strategic for luxury houses and a key managerial challenge.  invites its participants to discover this area for three weeks through courses and guest speakers’ sessions as well as a challenging mission provided by a luxury brand from the LVMH group.

Academy objectives:

  • Understanding the peculiarities and strategic dimension of retail management in the luxury sector
  • Uncovering and being able to apply retail management principles in that sector
  • Build on your managerial abilities for team working
  • Learning to structure a project, present and convince.