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HEC Paris opens registration to four new MOOCs

15 December 2014

Drawing on the success of its first MOOCs, HEC Paris announces a series of new online courses to be launched in 2015. The first four are already open for registration, and others will follow later in the year.
The first upcoming MOOC offered on Coursera on 13 January 2015, entitled ‘Time to Reorganize’, is an integrative approach to understanding organizations (termed ‘orgology’) by Professor Rodolphe Durand. It explores how organizations can act strategically to protect or renew a sense of belonging in individuals; how in turn individuals—all of us—must reinterpret our multiple associations with organizations, and how that contributes to helping or hindering social evolution.
The second MOOC, also on Coursera and available on 24 February 2015, is dedicated to social entrepreneurship, and developed by professors of the HEC Society and Organizations Centerand HEC’s Social Business / Enterprise and Poverty Chair, in partnership with the ‘Ticket for Change’ project, of which HEC Paris is a platinum partner. The project aims to inspire and help aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in society. The MOOC is based on individual and collective action learning for each participant,through three different stages: inspiration, introspection, and implementation.
A third Coursera MOOC,on how to set up a technology-based start-up, will be offered on 1 April 2015. Co-developed by HEC Paris Affiliate Professor Etienne Krieger and Romain Beaume from École Polytechnique engineering school, it will focus on the identification and evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities in science and technology, with a comprehensive view of strategy, technology, commercial development, HR and finance issues offered by more than 20 experts in these fields. This program, combined with field projects in a unique form of blended learning, will also be offered as a SPOC (Small Private Open Course) to Master’s students from HEC Paris and École polytechnique.
Finally, HEC Paris will open the first online Executive Education Certificate program on Corporate Finance, in partnership with First Finance Institute. This certificate offers a comprehensive and practical curriculum in corporate finance targeted to a wide audience, including executives from different backgrounds and sectors. Two sessions, led by HEC Affiliate Professor Pascal Quiry, will be available:one in French on 30 January 2015, and another in Mandarin on 5 January 2015, in partnership with the prestigious Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.
One year ago, HEC Paris was the first business school in France to launch a massive open online course (MOOC) on Coursera. The success of this year’s programs affirms HEC’s commitment to this innovative educational instrument. The first two courses, ‘Understanding Europe’ by Prof Alberto Alemanno, which totaled 66,000 participants over two sessions, and ‘Evaluation financière’ (a course on corporate finance by Prof Pascal Quiry which came to 22,000), registered very high satisfaction and completion rates. Indeed, 8% of those registered fully completed the course (while the average rate for MOOCs is usually 2-3%), and 65% of those that actually started the course also went through all of the modules (around 50% on average).
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