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HEC Paris partners with Le Wagon to bring technical skills to its students

1 December 2016

HEC Paris has recently partnered with Le Wagon, a 9 week coding bootcamp based in Paris, to offer web development skills to students of our Entrepreneurship Masters program.

Le Wagon is bringing its expertise to HEC Paris students to create a new partnership with one of the most influential French business schools. With more than 800 alumni and 17 schools worldwide, Le Wagon brings technical skills to creative entrepreneurs through its 9 week intensive program which allows students to be autonomous and develop their own web applications.

An increasing number of HEC Paris students already have followed this program and gone on to launch their own startup (Kudoz raised 1.2M€ to reinvent the recruitment process, Side raised 1.3M€ to help students find a job that fits in with their schedule) or join well known companies such as Aircall, Molotov, Algolia, Scalr, Compass... as Product Manager or junior developers.

Since 1990, HEC Paris’s Entrepreneurship Masters, high-level program teaches a pragmatic approach to entrepreneurship (learning through doing). Our students have to help a real company which filed for bankruptcy to find growth and profitability again or launch their own company.

“Today, learning to code is as important as learning English a few years ago. It’s a must-have skill in a very competitive market and allows our students to have a better understanding of our world.” said Sebastien Saunier, co-founder at Le Wagon. New entrepreneurship projects often require a web based application, but HEC Paris students may struggle at this crucial point as they lack the skills to build their own MVP or challenge their developer team.

“It is most essential nowadays, that students of HEC Paris’s Entrepreneurship Masters, code and build their own product and prototype. They will save time and quickly develop a new mindset which is so valuable” said Arthur Saint-Père, HEC Paris’s partnership representative.

In association with Le Wagon, HEC Paris brings forward a new generation of entrepreneurs skilled in web development and able to bootstrap a project of their own in perfect autonomy. This alliance ensures a leading position to HEC Paris as one of the main institutions pushing forward a new form of education. 2015 saw the first milestone towards this path with the partnership between HEC Paris and 42, which Xavier Niel’s school renewed this year.

It’s also a great opportunity for Le Wagon to become a strong player in the French and European startup ecosystem as some successful companies already have already come through the ranks (Mangrove, Skello, Medpics, Wemind, Krawd, Kudoz, Side...) and a partnership with HEC Paris will only reinforce the trend. 16 students from HEC Paris’s Entrepreneurship Masters are joining Le Wagon’s Fullstack Challenge on 30th January 2017. They will take the 9 week course and build their own web application by the end.

Press contacts: 

Le Wagon: Romain Paillard / / +33 6 74 50 48 65 

HEC Paris: Julie Dobiecki / / + 33 6 37 39 62 99

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