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Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management Teams Up with HEC Paris and FIRST FINANCE Institute to Launch Groundbreaking MOOC-Based Certification Program

25 November 2014

Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM) announced the launch of a digital learning program aimed at broadening the access to excellence in corporate finance.

The program will include three free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Finance leading to the world’s best recognized certification in Corporate Finance: ICCF™. The program will include the Chinese release of acclaimed online lectures from renowned Professors from HEC Paris (Europe’s premier Business School). In the first year more than 100,000 participants are expected to enroll with 10,000 certifications awarded.

This program will be part of wider program on management the details of which will be revealed later on, at the same time as a reinforcement of the partnership with HEC Paris.

The innovative Tsinghua business Corporate Finance offering will be taught by some of the world’s most reputable finance professors including Pascal Quiry of HEC Paris, and Marc Bertonèche of HEC Paris, Harvard Business School, and Oxford University. According to Zhu Yan, Associate Dean of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University: “We believe collaborating with HEC Paris on the delivery of this series of finance MOOCs is strategic given the quality and reputation that HEC Paris enjoys as the most prestigious business school in Europe. In addition, we are pleased to be partnering with FIRST FINANCE Institute on this major training and certification innovation which combines cutting-edge digital solutions and innovative instructional design.”

The courses will be available in Mainland China through NetEase Cloud Classroom platform: Registration is open now and the first course in Financial Analysis starts January 5th, 2015.

Upon completion of the three MOOCs (Financial Analysis, Corporate Valuation and Financial Management) participants will be eligible for the International Certificate Corporate Finance (ICCF™). ICCF™ is the first certification of its kind to validate foundational knowledge in corporate finance from a global perspective. ICCF™ is the financial services industry’s fastest growing certification recognized by leading financial institutions around the world and now top business schools in both Europe and Asia. Zhu Yan: “We believe this structured online approach is what students and employers are looking for. For the first time a learning pathway has been created in Corporate Finance that teaches the main aspects of financial analysis, valuation, and financial management, which culminates in a renowned certification - ICCF™. It combines academic excellence and a highly operational approach which represents the next generation of online learning.”

To deliver the programs Tsinghua has partnered with industry leader FIRST FINANCE Institute (FFI). “We have watched FFI’s online efforts over the past few years and been impressed by the quality of their MOOCs. We have found their courses to be highly interactive and engaging which their best-in-class completion rates attest to. These attributes coupled with FFI’s strong growth in the Asia Pacific region made partnering with them an easy decision.”

According to FIRST FINANCE Institute CEO, Eric Chardoillet: “We are very honored to partner with Tsinghua SEM and HEC Paris on this innovative offer. Both prestigious institutions embody all of the values that we have prided ourselves on for nearly 20 years: pristine reputation, high quality, practical and student-centric programs.”

More information can be found on


MOOC 1: Financial Analysis

MOOC 2: Corporate valuation

MOOC 3: Financial management

Program Overview

• Three High level courses, each five-six weeks long, free to participate, attractive, collaborative and interactive:

• Registration is open now and the first course in Financial Analysis starts January 5th, 2015.

• 4-6 weekly video sequences each 8-10 minutes in length (with English with Chinese subtitles) + weekly quizzes and exercises

• A “guiding thread” case study throughout each course

• A one-hour live weekly online session hosted by the esteemed professors enabling learners to communicate with the instructors in both English and Chinese

• A forum to allow participants to interact with each other directly but also with the Professors and practitioners speakers who are leaders in the field of Corporate Finance

• Certificate of Achievement issued jointly by Tsinghua SEM and FIRST FINANCE Institute for those students who successfully complete the course and the assigned financial analysis case study

Knowledge validation with ICCF™ certificate (International Certificate in Corporate Finance™)

Tsinghua/FFI to offer two different certification solutions.

Level I will by those course takers interested in obtaining a Certificate of Achievement from Tsinghua SEM validating their successful completion of the course program.

Level II is the ICCF™ Certificate (International Certificate in Corporate Finance™), issued by FIRST FINANCE INSTITUTE and recognized by Tsinghua SEM.

This is a more rigorous option for course participants who are primarily seeking entry or professional advancement within the financial services industry. Students further their online studies through an online program and then take the exam at partner Pearson VUE testing centers in 175 countries including all major cities in China. More information on the ICCF™ program can be found here:


Xin ZHAO – CEO LIKE -, (8610) 62789828

Leyla Douci-Habane – HEC Paris (+33.)

Romain ROUPHAEL – Managing Director APAC Region, FIRST FINANCE,, (852) 2970-0965

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Founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, HEC Paris specializes in education and research in management sciences. As a leading academic institution in Europe and worldwide, HEC Paris offers a complete and unique range of education programs for students and leaders. HEC Paris has a permanent faculty of 110 professors, 4,000 students and over 8,500 managers in executive education programs every year. HEC Paris has been ranked♯1 European Business School for 4 years and ♯1  Executive Education worldwide for 2 years (Financial Times).

FIRST FINANCE Institute (FFI) is one of the world’s largest online education and certification companies servicing the finance services industry. Best known for its innovative technology solutions and the highest standards for instructional design. First Finance Group has educated or certified by then 95,000 aspiring and current financial professionals. FFI’s newest initiative provides a groundbreaking learning pathway in Corporate Finance combining 3 MOOCs that culminate in a renowned certificate: ICCF™

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