Scholarships and Tuition Waiver

HEC Paris grants generous scholarships and a full tuition waiver to all PhD students admitted to the PhD Program:

  • Each HEC PhD student receives a cost-of-living scholarship from the HEC Foundation of 20,000€ per year, guaranteed for four years.
  • Generous fifth-year cost-of-living scholarships are provided for PhD students preparing the academic job market.
  • HEC provides a full tuition waiver to all its PhD students. Only a legal registration fee of approx 400€/year applies (950€ in fees for the 5th year and after that).

Other Sources of Financial Aid

In addition, HEC Paris' PhD students can also benefit from the following sources of financial aid and income:

Research and teaching assistantships

The financial support through the cost-of-living scholarship is complemented by ample research and teaching assistantships available to PhD students. HEC faculty enjoys generous research grants financed by the HEC Foundation and other sources (like the Qatar Foundation, or a multi-year Labex grant from the French Government), and a considerable part of this funding benefits PhD student in form of research and teaching assistantships. HEC Paris students also have ample opportunities to teach courses and earn extra income.

Student housing

Many HEC PhD students choose to live on our green world-class campus.

Extra funding for stays as a Visiting PhD Student in other schools

HEC Paris provides additional funding for research visiting positions abroad for periods between 3 and 12 months.

Travel funding for conference presentations

HEC Paris offers comprehensive travel funding for up to two academic conferences if a research paper is accepted for presentation.

Financial aid from the French Government

In addition to the financial aid for which they are eligible in their country of origin, non-French students can seek grants from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Requests should be sent to the Cultural Department of the French Embassy in the student’s country of origin. PhD students can also apply for European exchange program grants (Socrates, Erasmus, Phare).

Nominal Tuition Fees

The nominal HEC PhD tuition fee amounts to 8,000€ per year for the first four years, and of 950€ for each of the following years. This nominal tuition fee is not relevant for HEC Paris PhD students since they benefit from a full tuition waiver, but it does apply to visiting PhD students.