MSc Marketing Key Features

The MSc Marketing - Integrated Marketing for the Digital World - provides an integrated approach to marketing that combines advanced knowledge in traditional and digital marketing with a strategic mindset. The perfect fit for students who strive to enhance their analytical and strategic skills in order to pursue a successful career where they can readily adapt to the ever-developing marketing world.

HEC Paris MSc Marketing key features

HEC Paris’ historic expertise in marketing

As France has long been recognized for its Fashion and Luxury industries, and its large number of premium brands (L’Oréal Paris, Pernod Ricard, etc.), it comes as no surprise that a key asset of HEC Paris has always been its expertise in the field of marketing. In fact, as the leading Business School in France, HEC Paris has constantly produced talented individuals with innovative ideas who have gone on to fuel the activities of leading global companies in these French areas of excellence.

The strong relationships between HEC Paris and prestigious companies are reflected notably in the organization of many events and competitions throughout the year, in which the program’s students actively take part:

Dedicated Chairs and Certificates

The MSc Marketing students, therefore, benefit from close ties with business leaders, notably through the range of chairs and certificates they have access to, such as:

Taking on the Marketing Challenges of tomorrow

The MSc Marketing provides the students with a complete vision of the companies’ multiple issues. This truly strategy-oriented approach is reflected in the large variety of courses available within the program, such as Marketing Strategy Reinvented, Strategic Brand Management, and Pricing Strategy.

Moreover, Marketing is a constantly evolving area, which takes multiple forms: traditional, social, mobile and viral. The HEC MSc Marketing covers all these aspects by providing not only academic and operational knowledge but also a strategic mindset to high-potential students from all around the world. With this degree, graduates are equipped with a set of skills that allows them to contribute to the success and growth of the companies they work in. With the strategic vision and hands-on experience acquired throughout the program, they will be invaluable assets to recruiters and capable of evolving easily in this challenging and ever-developing environment.

Strong Connections with the Business and Marketing Community

Participants are given frequent opportunities to gain real “hands-on” experience and to interact with key players from the business world through conferences, workshops, projects, such as:

  • L’Oréal
  • Kering
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Pernod Ricard Capgemini
  • Orange
  • AXA
  • EDF

The students are also given the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice through business cases provided by well-known companies, offering them an invaluable opportunity to enrich their skills.

Finally, the special relationship between HEC Paris and the business world allows its students to meet the most prestigious companies directly on campus and hence access high-level international career opportunities.