Key Features

The MSc Marketing program is for students who strive to enhance their analytical and strategic skills in order to pursue a successful career where they can readily adapt to the ever-developing marketing world. Our program concentrates not only on traditional knowledge but also offers breakthrough courses on social, mobile and viral marketing, in order to deliver exceptional value to empower customers of tomorrow.

HEC Paris MSc Marketing key features

HEC Paris’ historic expertise in marketing

As France has long been recognized for fashion, luxury and a large number of premium brands (L’Oréal Paris, Pernod Ricard, etc.), it comes as no surprise that one key asset of HEC Paris has always been its expertise in the field of marketing. In fact, as the leading Business School in France, HEC Paris has constantly fueled with talents and innovative ideas leading global companies in French areas of excellence, such as Luxury (cf. Luxury certificate and chair), Cosmetics and fashion at large (cf. Leadership Center with L’Oréal Paris), Premium brand management (cf. Leadership certificate with Pernod Ricard), Aerospace (cf. Innovation Management in Aviation & Aerospace certificate and chair with Safran)…

Today, HEC Paris’ expertise in marketing benefits all sectors, traditional and modern, both in France and on a global scale, from the most traditional one to the most modern one, including for instance the digital and entrepreneurship area (cf. the Google chair and the Digital Entrepreneurship certificate and chair).

Balance Between Theory and Application

The objective of the program is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and techniques that will enable them to successfully solve a broad set of marketing problems. With this objective in mind, the Marketing faculty is composed both of academics who publish leading research and recognized professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge from real-life cases.

Strong Connections with the Business and Marketing Community

Participants will be given frequent opportunities to gain real “hands-on” experience and to interact with key players from the business world through conferences, workshops, projects, internships and career fairs organized on campus. They will also be given the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice through business cases with well-known companies, offering them an invaluable opportunity to enrich their skills.

Two Tracks with Equal Career Opportunities

  • The Business Track is aimed at recent graduates with a degree from a top institution in domains related to business administration, management, applied economics, or equivalent. They should have taken at least introductory level courses in Marketing.
  • The Accelerated Track is designed for students with no business related academic background who have received first class education in other fields such as engineering, law, life science, medical studies (etc.)

Students from both tracks are offered equal career opportunities at the end of the program.