HEC Paris launches fundraising campaign to meet its entrepreneurship ambitions

24 February 2015

The HEC Foundation is calling on the generosity of its graduates, and all those who share the belief that entrepreneurship is the way forward, in order to provide HEC Paris with the means to support open, sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship. This fundraising campaign, the first of its type focused on entrepreneurship, aims to raise €150,000 in 50 days.

For the last ten years, entrepreneurship has been booming at HEC. While only 4% of our students were in entrepreneurship in 2004, now that figure is at 25%. (Source: 2015 HEC entrepreneurship barometer). If this interest is a general trend for the French economy, it is also the result of a proactive policy at HEC, both in terms of pedagogy (in initial or continuing training), research, support and awareness on campus.
Today, new means are needed to support the entrepreneurship goals of our students and participants. This is why the HEC Foundation has launched for the first time a fundraising campaign dedicated solely to entrepreneurship. Our goal is to make the Entrepreneurship Centre a showcase of the commitment to openness and diversity of HEC, to increase the rate of student success in creating their business, and to facilitate integration of technological resources of the Saclay cluster into student projects.

Entrepreneurship and social diversity

HEC Entrepreneurs has set a goal of being the campus program with the highest percentage of scholarships: €70,000 to fund five HEC Entrepreneur scholarships, 10% of the MS class. After 6 years collaborating with Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (NQT) and the eight graduates resulting from this successful partnership, HEC Entrepreneurs wishes to reinforce this promising model.

For established companies

Every year, 100 projects are launched by graduates but not all of them make it through the first year. Our mentoring and coaching capacity needs to be reinforced with a permanent contact point in Paris. We still require €50,000 to fund new office space for HEC’s Incubator.

High-end infrastructure within the Saclay cluster

The Saclay cluster was recently ranked by the prestigious MIT Technology Review as a top-eight ‘World Innovation Cluster’. Despite the creation of an e-Lab in May 2014, HEC lacks ‘community building’ workspaces. To fund the creation of open spaces to bring HEC and Paris-Saclay students together to work collaboratively and exchange ideas, allowing HEC students to benefit from the tremendous technological know-how at Paris-Saclay, €30,000 is required.

Education plays a major role in promoting entrepreneurship, capable of responding to economic challenges, inventing the businesses of tomorrow and meeting the needs of professional development. If you share this belief with us, please support our projects!

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