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Innovation Management and Globalization

Chair Holder: Sihem Jouini, Associate Professor - Operations Management & Information Technology Department

This teaching and research chair will report to Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini, associate lecturer at HEC Paris, thus making it easier for Orange to get involved in a range of HEC programmes in the field of innovation management, with HEC inviting company figures to speak and setting up case studies carried out by students, for example.Research will focus on the management of innovations in an international context and will cover various aspects of the field.

The chair will analyse the marketing dimension of innovation, since the diverse nature of the worldwide customer base requires a very varied range of tailored offerings. It will also address the way innovation is organised within the company, the management of capacity devoted to it, and the resources and organisation needed to deploy it internationally. Finally, research will also look at the challenges facing global corporations investing in high-growth markets.

Daniel Bernard, President of the HEC Foundation, explains: "This collaboration with Orange reinforces the commitment of HEC Paris to developing excellent teaching in tune with the current demands of the business world, where innovation is a prime concern. We are proud that such a renowned company in this field has become a HEC Foundation partner".

Bernard Ramanantsoa, Dean of HEC Paris, adds: "The creation of this Chair, in partnership with Orange, demonstrates not just the commitment of HEC Paris to training future managers and entrepreneurs capable of playing leading roles in innovation management, whether in the areas of technology, marketing, business models or organisational practices, but also its determination to respond to the challenges and issues raised by corporate globalisation".

Bruno Mettling, Director of Human Resources for the France Telecom-Orange Group, concludes: "For a group like Orange, with a huge international presence and a majorbusiness emphasis on technology, innovation in a global context is a core issue to which we want to devote further research. This partnership with HEC Paris will create synergies by harnessing academic tools and the contributions of students to teachers to evaluate our expertise on the ground. It will therefore enable us to develop new innovation models that are more suited to the challenges of a globalised economy. For the Orange Group, this chair is also a practical way of formalising our close ties with HEC Paris and raising its students' awareness of our businesses and the diversity of the company"

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