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Private Equity Observatory - Buyout Center

Center Holder: Oliver Gottschalg, Associate Professor - Strategy and Business Policy

Private Equity Observatory – Buyout Center is supported by



Frédéric Pescatori, President of the Observatory, Associate, Bridgepoint 

Frederic Pescatori is partner and head of Bridgepoint’s investment activities in Paris. He is a member of the group’s Administrative Committee, Executive Committee and Investment Committee. He is part of teams specializing in the consumer goods and distribution sector as well as business services. He rejoined Bridgepoint in 2009


Oliver Gottschalg, Professor at HEC
Oliver Gottschalg is an associate professor in strategy and company politics at HEC Paris. He is also the academic director of TRIUM Global Executive MBA, director of track “entrepreneurship” for HEC MBA program and director of the HEC Buyout Research program. He gives classes in strategy, entrepreneurship, the conception of business plans and buyout management. His current research concentrates on strategic logic and determinants for performance for private equity investments.


Cyrille Chevrillon, Honorary President 

Graduate of HEC in 1976, Cyrille Chevrillon began his career at JP Morgan in New York, then Paris. Founded Chevrillon & Associates in 1992, whilst leading high profile Private Equity groups in the UK (CEO of Salomon Brothers SA, Managing Director of Candover Partners Limites in 2002)

Cyrille Chevrillon is one of the capital investment leaders in France. He is also a teacher affiliated with HEC.

The objective of this center is to conduct research on investment logic and value creation mechanisms of private investors.

An important database on buy-out operations within the US and in Europe was established for this research

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