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* Being an entrepreneur means to mobilize resources and energy to form an idea into realization*
* Teach tech to managers and management to techs *

Cyril PIERRE de GEYER’s several missions include, affiliate professor at HEC Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department , Managing Director of the Executive MBA Epitech, CEO of IT Training Center AgoraTIC and Business Angel.
He graduated from EPITA University with a degree in computer engineering and was vice major of the Multimedia Advanced specialization.
 Considered a serial entrepreneur in 2001 Cyril founded one of the first digital agencies with a focus on tech innovation. He has also been credited with developing a youtube-like platform for France 3 in 2004, before the creation of Google’s Youtube in 2005. Cyril has founded several training centers in addition to his most recent project, OpenGoodies, an international company that sells technology goodies.

Cyril PIERRE de GEYER is a technical expert heavily involved in the development of the major Internet programming language PHP. He is the co-author of the "PHP 5 advanced" manual programming PHP language French bestseller and "Performance LAMP." He also co- founded the French Association of PHP users and operates on various topics internationally.

In 2011 Cyril created the Executive MBA Epitech training for IT managers which uses technology related to MOOC. His educational initiatives focus on mixing caste and a "learning by doing" approach. In 2012 while working for HEC, Cyril taught technical digital to managers and participated actively in e-commerce academies. He also earned the « Digital Business for Innovation » certificate which enables the creation of mixed business, technical, and design teams to work on joint projects over periods ranging from three weeks to two months.

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