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TOMALA Tristan

Tristan TOMALA

Associate Professor

Economics - Decision Science

Member of CNRS-GREGHEC Research Group

Tristan Tomala was student at ENSAE before starting a Ph.D. thesis on game theory (defended in 1996) at University Paris I. Before joining HEC Paris, he was maitre de conférences at University Paris Dauphine. His research work deal with game theory and notably on dynamical and informational aspects of games. In particular, he studies strategic information transmission in repeated games using information theory, graph theory and cryptography.

His recent works are published in Games and Economic Behavior (2009), Mathematical Programming (2009), Mathematical Social Sciences (2008), Journal of Mathematical Economics (2008) and Journal of Croyptology.At HEC, he teaches managerial economics in HEC 1st year, game theory in the Economics Majeure, and mathematics in the research master QEF.

Tristan Tomala is associate editor for International Journal of Game Theory, Theory and Decision, and Dynamic Games and Applications.

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