Solutions-Driven Marketing


Communications of the ACM

March 2002, vol. 45, n°3, pp.64-71

The article focuses on the concept of solution-driven marketing. The author says that the Internet and the Web provide an electronic infrastructure that has changed the operational and strategic dynamics of many businesses. As an electronic medium, the Web also facilitates interactive selling approaches such as auctioning and market-making. Solutions-driven marketing arises from a needs-based approach to selling. Such a strategy of identifying needs of a customer and then recommending a product to meet those needs is common in the financial services industry. Solutions-driven marketing offers a value-added link between Web commerce and product customization. At the most comprehensive level of support, Web-assisted needs-based selling should build on information specific to individual customers and their anticipated use of the product. With a decision-assisted interface, customers specify what features they want in a product and the system helps to narrow the available choices and suggest configured solutions