L'activité au coeur de l'intervention psychosociologique / The interaction towards a sociopsychological approach

D. Lhuilier, G. AMADO

Bulletin de Psychologie

May-June 2012, vol. 65 (3), n°519, pp.263-276

Departments: Management & Human Resources

The aim of this article is to introduce a sociopsychological approach focusing upon the core of an intervention linked to a crisis situation and to the command of 'treatment' of the suffering employees. The authors first describe the command and its institutional environment (a human rights association), then they present the basic principles of their approach, then describe the processes at stake through their intervention and the dynamics of one of the sessions. The live case reported here allows to underline the relevance of an entry by the door of the activity in its organizational context. It also illustrates the 'mediative' role played by the activity in the understanding of the intricacies between psychic life, professional practice and the organizational context.