Conception d'un système d'aide multicritère pour l'aide à la décision médicale

O. Belmokhtar, Y. Kerboua Ziari, L. KERBACHE, E. Baraka

Santé et systémique

2006, vol. 9, n°1-2, pp.147-155

Departments: Information Systems and Operations Management, GREGHEC (CNRS)

ABSTRACT.The medical decision in oncology is under uncertainty because multiplicity oftreatments, on the one hand and the absence of effective results on the other hand. Thedoctor is then confronted with the choice of the best treatment to the patient and therefore thedecision-making aid becomes necessary to improve the care. The main objective of this workis the design and implementation of a DSS for therapy management in an oncology clinic.This DSS is referred to as SAMD-ADM.KEYWORDdSe:cision support system, decision making tool, clinical oncology, nasopharyngealcancer, hospital information system.