Measurement of the reliability of sensory panel performances

J. Latreille, E. Mauger, L. Ambroisine, M. TENENHAUS, M. Vincent, S. Navarro, C. Guinot

Food Quality and Preference

July 2006, vol. 17, n°5, pp.369-375

Departments: Economics & Decision Sciences

Keywords: Analysis of variance with mixed effects, Disagreement, Individual scaling, Reliability, Sensitivity values, Sensory panel

A reliable panel is required in sensory analysis. The purpose of this paper is to propose a new methodology based on a mixed linear model to test various criteria of a panel’s reliability. The developed method allows testing the global performance of the panel, and the individual performances of each judge in terms of discriminability and repeatability, severity or laxity, and agreement or disagreement with the panel. All the computations are implemented in an SAS® program. The results of the analysis are summarised in a set of tables in such a way that the panel leader can easily check and compare the judge performances