Quand l'évaluation constitue un objet d'apprentissage significatif pour l'entreprise innovante en création

S. BEN MAHMOUD-JOUINI, S. Charreire-Petit, N. Claret

La Revue des Sciences de Gestion

May-June 2006, n°219, pp.45-55

Departments: Information Systems and Operations Management, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Among the other measures designed to help innovative newcompanies, government-funded incubation programmes haveplayed a predominant role since 1999. They involve variousforms of assistance to the creators of new companies over aperiod of one to two years. The aim of this research is tounderstand how entrepreneurs acquire the managerial skillsneeded to create and develop a new company. To this end,qualitative analysis will be used to highlight the mostimportant aspects of the incubator's role. Our research showsthat certain stages of the assistance programme are moreuseful than others in the entrepreneur's learning process. Wewill show that evaluation, in particular, is a key elementallowing the incubator to help the new company develop anddetermining what skills are acquired by the entrepreneur.Keywords : learning object, evaluation, individual andorganizational learning, incubator, assistance programme.