The role of business schools in society.


Journal of Management Development

2005, vol. 24, n°9, pp.819-829

Departments: Strategy & Business Policy

Keywords: Management training, Teaching methods, Management development

In the future, the legitimacy of business schools will no longer be in question, nor will their vocation to participate in training the Elite (especially of companies) alongside institutes which, in various countries, train top Civil Servants. But this context, which dominant positions always provoke, should not encourage complacency. On the contrary, it should invite reflection on the weaknesses of the institutions in question. Aims to discuss this issue. Design/methodology/approach - Some major new trends in management education are questioned (the use of new information technologies, an initiation to management starting at a much earlier stage of the education track, a different way to grasp the use of case studies). Findings - This paper is an analysis of the functions of business schools and management faculties in universities. It leads one to observe that they appear above all as places busy "reproducing" or "miming" reality. Where science faculties describe, management teaching establishments imitate. Originality/value - This paper is dedicated not only to stressing the pedagogic dangers that new trends in management education imply, but also to explaining what major change it could induce.