Case studies

African Solar Rise: Electrifying Rural Tanzania



The case is about a German NGO that provides solar energy solutions in Tanzania and faces several challenges in order to scale its organization to generate much-needed revenue.
It examined the NGO, African Solar Rise (ASR), as it worked to improve its supply chain operations and last-mile distribution challenges while raising necessary capital to put it on more solid footing

Keywords: Accounting/Finance; Base of the Pyramid; Economics; Emerging and Developing Economies; Emerging Markets; Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Frontier Markets; International Business; Marketing/Sales; Operations Management/Supply Chain; Social Enterprise (Social Entrepreneurship); Social Impact; Strategy & Management; Sustainability

Sales Disease at Hadaara Technology



This case study deals with a company-wide transformation: from a telecom commodity player into an ICT service company in Europe. The reorganization of the sales force is especially addressed as well as the key account management structure.
The case offers insights into the evolution of a global industry and the consequences on its players, particularly focusing on sales strategy, sales management and sales competencies. The core issues are the sales structure and the missing sales competencies. The case also offers the opportunity to reflect on the role of politics in corporate life and how often they get in the way of sound and fact-based decision-making, particularly in sales management.
The case is very useful also for leading a discussion on Key Account Management ("KAM") and its purpose and role within a sales strategy. In parallel it provides a context for developing a good understanding of sales competencies needed in KAM for complex business-2-business ("B2B") solution selling. It illustrates the importance of competency assessment as a base for sales force development and as a core part in building a sale structure.
On a corporate strategy level, it poses students questions about the possible organizational structures of an international sales division and its effects on customer perception, sales motivation and compensation as well as brand awareness.

Keywords: Information and communications technology sector, B2B sales force, KAM organizational structure, KAM competencies

A new takeoff for LOISEAU: from the death of the Chef to renewal

T. PARIS, Frederic LEROY


The "gastronomic" company Groupe Bernard Loiseau was managed by its founder, manager and Chef from the very beginning. The total size of the group was one hundred employees, 4 restaurants. After Bernard Loiseau's death in February 2003, the company lost its charismatic leader as well as its expert. The consequent restructuring was aimed as going from a very centralized structure to a more functional organizational structure. Moreover, the company was supposed to reorganize its creative mood by hiring a new chef in the spirit of Loiseau, keeping its 3 stars in the Michelin Guide. This renewal was aimed also at defining what was Loiseau spirit and creating an atmosphere for innovation to keep clients coming without betraying the clients' expectations.

Keywords: Gastronomy , Luxury , Creation , Organization and structure , Vision of the leader , Leadership , Change management , Passing on business , Brand image , Crisis , strategic Location , Reorganization , Restaurant , Preserving of the skills

ANTALIS-MAP (A) : Fusionner et faire face aux turbulences

Bertrand QUELIN


La société Antalis est un acteur important de la distribution B-to-B en Europe. En 2007, elle prend le contrôle de la société MAP pour devenir n° 1 de l'industrie. Ce mouvement stratégique majeur lui permet d'étendre sa couverture géographique, de rationnaliser ses entrepôts et de bénéficier d'économies d'échelle. Dans une industrie arrivée à maturité, et connaissant une décroissance régulière de la demande, cette acquisition illustre le bénéfice d'une stratégie focalisée sur la taille et la complémentarité des activités. Elle prépare la société Antalis mieux que ses concurrents directs aux turbulences que l'industrie connaît depuis.

Keywords: Analyse concurrentielle , Marché à maturité , Concentration , Fusion, acquisition , Synergies et économies de coût

ANTALIS-MAP (A): Merging to Manage Market Turbulence

Bertrand QUELIN


Antalis is a company working as a major player in the B-to-B distribution in Europe. In 2007, Antalis took control over its competitor MAP to become #1 in the paper distribution industry. This key strategic move allows it to expand its geographical coverage, rationalize its warehouse and distribution network, and benefit from economies of scale. In a mature industry, and knowing a steady decline in demand, this acquisition demonstrates the benefit of a strategy focused on the size and complementarity of activities. It prepares the company Antalis better than its direct competitors in the industry knowing turbulence since.

Keywords: Competitive analysis , Mature market , Consolidation , Merger &, Acquisition , Synergies , Cost cutting