How bank deregulation stunts innovation in small firms - by Johan Hombert - ©AdobeStock-sunny Studio

Research has shown that deregulation of banking markets across the globe increases competition between banks, with many associated advantages. In Johan Hombert and Adrien Matray’s recent study into the effects of deregulation on innovation, however, they found an apparent disadvantage for small firms, who were seen to lose out in terms of funds and talent. 

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How should governments decide in the face of radical uncertainties, such as those concerning climate change, energy policy, genetically modified organisms and nanotechnologies? How should managers and investors plan in the face of the (...)

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CVC is a massive emerging phenomenon in France and worldwide. Although it is less in the spotlight than CVCs conceived by independent private funds, it has grown significantly in the past ten years  and prospects of growth remain high (...)

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Should teams be hierarchical, with clear task delegation, or should they be flexible and self-organizing? So far, literature and practice offer as many examples as counter-examples in favor of each model. By distinguishing between the (...)

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The cities of today face unprecedented challenges. Rural exodus and urbanization, coupled with environmental issues such as climate change, are highlighting air quality, congestion, failing infrastructure, general wellbeing, loss of social (...)

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