The Importance of Being Ernest: Do You Live Up to Your Name?

Any parent can remember the subtle mix of excitement and anxiety accompanying the choice of their baby’s first name. This first name will follow the child their whole life, and in a study recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , we show that the stereotype that a given society has (for example, French society) of a first name (for example, Véronique) influences…the (...)

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How can the business community measure work’s impact on our well-being? The question was at the heart of a major two-day workshop co-organized by the OECD, HEC Paris and Fordham University, culminating on February 24. It was (...)

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Should teams be hierarchical, with clear task delegation, or should they be flexible and self-organizing? So far, literature and practice offer as many examples as counter-examples in favor of each model. By distinguishing between the (...)

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One is reminded of just how much has changed since the decades-long ‘war on drugs’ when walking past the brightly colored marijuana dispensaries in downtown Denver, each filled with a dizzying array of products—not just the flower or bud (...)

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The largest international accounting firms have no trouble attracting applicants despite the intense workload and stressful selection process. In fact, quite the opposite: the up or out  system may well be the key motivating factor (...)

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