Analytics in the Era of Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges - @Fotolia-shanghainesewang

This special issue of HEC Knowledge  highlights several research projects and teaching initiatives at HEC Paris in the context of big data and business analytics. Nowadays it does not take much to convince students or managers alike of the importance of data for businesses. As Wedel and Kannan (2016) put it, “data is the oil of the digital economy”. Indeed, data is completely (...)

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Marketing campaigns traditionally target individual customers, while ignoring their social connections. In a recent study, however, Eva Ascarza, Peter Ebbes, Oded Netzer, and Matt Danielson, had unique access to telecommunications data and (...)

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Consumers tend to accumulate loyalty cards in their wallets and unused points on those cards, creating either liabilities or deferred revenue for retailers. A team of researchers has developed a model that explains this hoarding behavior (...)

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Creative breakthroughs in art, music, and science profoundly impact society, and yet our understanding of creativity and how it is valued remains limited. To better understand creativity and how creative output is valued in society, a (...)

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In everyday technologies, learning algorithms are becoming ubiquitous. They are even changing the way laws and regulations are produced and enforced, with law increasingly determined by data and enforced automatically. In his study, David (...)

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