Resource-rich firms make attractive business allies - Denisa Mindruta ©Fotolia - Alice

A business partnership is much like a marriage. Both parties bring something to the table and join forces to make their alliance a success. In a recent study, Denisa Mindruta, Mahka Moeen and Rajshree Agarwal explore partnerships between pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. They discover that financial support only goes so far, while investment in research capabilities makes firms more (...)

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Private equity firms have a reputation for hard-nosed business tactics, buying and reselling companies for profit. A new empirical study shows that such firms tend not only to increase the value of divested assets much more than industrial (...)

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Enriching the regulatory framework can lead to a complexity that overshadows understanding of the regulations. In order to help find a balance between the two, a research team is developing a method to measure such complexity by examining (...)

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Can central clearing parties achieve global financial stability without creating collateral shortages? In their recent study, Darrell Duffie, Martin Scheicher and Guillaume Vuillemey had unique access to data that has enabled first time (...)

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The jurisdiction of US economic sanctions is far greater than many businesses realise. French banking corporation BNP Paribas recently agreed to pay the US government the astronomic amount of 8.9 billion dollars, for doing business in (...)

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