Colorado: When cannabis becomes a market by Daniel Martinez, HEC Paris - ©Fotolia-Atomazul

One is reminded of just how much has changed since the decades-long ‘war on drugs’ when walking by the brightly coloured marijuana dispensaries in downtown Denver, each filled with a dizzying array of products—not just the flower or bud that one typically assumes, but oils, resins, infused drinks and candies, as well as topicals such as patches and creams. This is possible because voters in the (...)

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The largest international accounting firms have no trouble attracting applicants despite the intense workload and stressful selection process. In fact, quite the opposite: the up or out  system may well be the key motivating factor (...)

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On Thursday 19th January, Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor of Law at HEC Paris will be at the Davos World Economic Forum. He will be leading a workshop on leadership and advising members from the Young Global Leaders Community on (...)

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Time and money are two valuable and scarce resources that individuals try to manage optimally in their everyday decisions. Despite the old saying that “time is money,” important differences distinguish the two attributes. To be more (...)

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How should governments decide in the face of radical uncertainties, such as those concerning climate change, energy policy, genetically modified organisms and nanotechnologies? How should managers and investors plan in the face of the (...)

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