Using eye-tracking to understand and predict consumer choices - Cathy Yang @Fotolia-Sergey Nivens

Exploring consumer preferences is an essential step in predicting consumer purchase decisions for companies. And yet, market research often wrongly assumes that consumers rationally base their decisions on all available information. A new model addresses this flaw by using eye-tracking data to measure how consumers collect information and improve the understanding and prediction of consumer (...)

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The trade deal currently being negotiated between the US and the EU is one of the most ambitious ever conceived, with a chapter dedicated to promote the convergence of the respective policies across the Atlantic. While this has triggered (...)

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Governments have developed a wide range of initiatives and policies to support renewable energy generation as a key element of a low carbon future. At first glance, they seem to have worked, as renewable technologies have enjoyed (...)

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As far removed as they seem to be from executive boardrooms, civil rights campaigners and environmental activists influence corporate strategy. By shaping social values, and thus the external environment in which firms operate, social (...)

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In their recent examination of a multinational enterprise¸ Rodolphe Durand and Anne Jacqueminet observed that subsidiaries appear to weigh up the corporate social responsibility (CSR) demands coming from their headquarters (HQ) and their (...)

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