How activists shape business and corporate strategy - @Fotolia - gustavofrazao

As far removed as they seem to be from executive boardrooms, civil rights campaigners and environmental activists influence corporate strategy. By shaping social values, and thus the external environment in which firms operate, social movements can not only be a driving force behind corporate social initiatives, they can even work to guide firms into new areas of business.

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In their recent examination of a multinational enterprise¸ Rodolphe Durand and Anne Jacqueminet observed that subsidiaries appear to weigh up the corporate social responsibility (CSR) demands coming from their headquarters and their (...)

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Households are notoriously unsophisticated investors, with low financial literacy; and yet, banks have managed to sell them billions of euros worth of particularly complex financial instruments. A new paper sheds light on the motives (...)

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An insightful study provides a response to the long-standing question of why people's creativity varies over time. It shows that the ability to generate new ideas is related to knowledge depth, knowledge breadth, and cognitive complexity (...)

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In a new study, Adrien Matray and Oliver Dessaint reveal that in the aftermath of hurricanes managers of nearby businesses tend to increase corporate cash holdings. This decision is irrational: the immediacy of the disaster makes the risk (...)

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