Olivier Sibony

Olivier Sibony - HEC Paris

Olivier Sibony, graduate of HEC Paris, is a writer, educator and consultant specializing in Strategy, strategic decision making and the organization of decision processes. Olivier’s research interests center on the effect of heuristics and biases in strategic decision making and procedures to improve the quality of decisions. In addition to his role as Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris, Olivier teaches Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy courses in the MBA and Executive MBA programs. He also leads the Problem Solving and Communications workshop for MBA participants and teaches the Behavioral Strategy elective in the MIF program. 

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Articles written by Olivier Sibony

Human beings are notoriously bad at making rational decisions. Even theoretical models designed to (...)

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Business Strategy28 June 2018

Decision making that reflects your strategy

Business decisions are not always in line with company strategy. Researchers Olivier Sibony et al. (...)

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